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It happened yesterday. One minute before 11 a.m., the Island boat line was administered by the officers and directors of the Massachusetts Steamship Lines Inc., as constituted for some time past; one minute after 11, the management was in the hands of new officers and directors, the responsibility of the New Bedford, Woods Hole, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Steamboat Authority.
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Only the signature of Governor Furcolo now remains to turn into law the bill setting up a new Steamship Authority with three members, locally appointed, to represent the Vineyard Nantucket, and F
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The Steamship Authority board of governors is expected to vote Thursday on a shipyard contract to convert two of the boat line’s three recently-purchased service vessels into freight boats.

Electric ferry operators from Denmark, Maine and Washington state shared their experiences Friday in a half-day public conference aimed at encouraging the Steamship Authority to begin reducing dependency on fossil fuel.

The Steamship Authority board of governors will hold a special meeting next week to vote on a contract to convert three newly purchased vessels into freight ferries.

Mark Higgins, who starts his new job early next month, is the first to hold the position, which was created at the request of the boat line board of governors following a comprehensive study of SSA operations in 2018.

The lowest bid to do the work is about $20 million for each boat, general manager Robert Davis said Tuesday.

Vineyard Steamship Authority governor James Malkin was reappointed to a second three-year term by the Dukes County Commission Wednesday.