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The Edgartown Golf and Tennis Club was organized this week, and starts off with a good list of members, which it is hoped will be much increased with the next month.
Edgartown History
Vineyard Gazette
The Edgartown Golf and Tennis Club has opened its links at “Pineside,” a little to the north of upper Main street.
Edgartown History


The Dukes County Historical Society has solved the space problem it has been struggling with for most of its 66 years with the purchase of the John Vinson House on School street.
Saturday the society will open the property to the public as part of the Christmas in Edgartown celebration with a smattering of exhibits showing the Vineyard’s long and interesting history, as well as the history of the historical society.


Approximately 500 buildings in downtown Edgartown, most of them wood frame houses of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, are now part of a nationally recognized historic district.


The 300-year-old Vincent House, perhaps the oldest home on the Island, is open once again to the public in Edgartown for the summer.
The remarkable aspect of this house is it’s architecture. There are only limited furnishings inside, and the restorers - John Warren Norton, Anne Baker and C. Stuart Avery of the Martha’s Vineyard Historic Preservation Society - have fashioned the house in the most interesting way possible.


When Edgartown residents voted on secession 51 years ago, they were 100 to one against it.

They even voted $1,000 to stop it.

They were on the other side of the stick then. Pending in the General Court at the time was a bill which would have allowed Chappaquiddick to secede from Edgartown and become an independent municipality.


When was the first bath tub brought to Martha’s Vineyard? Nantucket had a bath tub, weighing more than 800 pounds, in 1881. A Nantucketer reports having seen another as early as 1861 on that island. Commenting editorially on the question of bath tub priority, the Boston Herald on Wednesday morning challenged Vineyarders to adduce proof of the earlier existence on this Island of a receptacle designed solely for bathing the human form.


The R. W. Watsons have closed their summer home at Edgartown and are at the Wolcott, New York city, for several weeks before re-opening their town house.

At the Methodist Episcopal Church next Sunday morning the Rev. E. E. Craig will preach. There will be a Union Temperance Meeting in the Congregational church in the evening.

Mrs. Edward Burchell and Mrs. Samuel Burchell of Nantucket have been visiting Mrs. William H. Luce the past week.