Island pianist Adele Dreyer performs an online concert in memory of those lost.
Edgartown Library
Kate Dario
When the Black Eyed Susans take the stage the audience rises to the occasion, even if they don’t know exactly who is playing.
Black Eyed Susans
Elizabeth Bennett
Jemima James and her son Willy Mason shared the bill as the Martha’s Vineyard Museum kicked off its 2021 Music in the Courtyard series.
Willy Mason
Martha's Vineyard Museum
Kate Taylor is performing a concert on August 3 at the Tabernacle for her new album Why Wait.
Kate Taylor


Anything can happen at a T.C.D. concert - and it usually does. The three musicians, Timothy Maxwell, Charles Esposito and Duane Gieseman, have perfected a musical comedy act that keeps their audience breathlessly anticipating the next gig.

“Mr. Timothy Charles Duane” was in great form for their benefit concerts given last week to raise money for Martha’s Vineyard Arena Inc. Plenty of original music, a door prize drawing, the guest appearance of Santa, frequent costume changes and exuberant lighting effects made for a lively evening’s entertainment.


He was walking along the state road with his wife up in West Tisbury. He carried a suitcase, and, although he did not actually wiggle his thumb, he looked hopefully back at the car.
His name is Manuel Tolegian of New York city, artist and former student of Thomas H. Benton, summer resident of Chilmark. When he was picked up by the Gazette reporter, he looked slightly warm but grateful, animated and eager. He has a thin, aesthetic face and long, slender hands.

The line-up for the March jam included Kate Taylor, Rick B and the Slip Time Ensemble, Setsunai, Lucy Mayhew, Jemima James, Willy Mason, Ben Taylor, John O'Toole, Ben Robinson, David Stanwood and many more Island musicians.

Fresh from their Austrian tour last month, the Minnesingers take over the stage at the Martha’s Vineyard Performing Arts Center this weekend for two concerts, Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.