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It happened yesterday. One minute before 11 a.m., the Island boat line was administered by the officers and directors of the Massachusetts Steamship Lines Inc., as constituted for some time past; one minute after 11, the management was in the hands of new officers and directors, the responsibility of the New Bedford, Woods Hole, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Steamboat Authority.
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Only the signature of Governor Furcolo now remains to turn into law the bill setting up a new Steamship Authority with three members, locally appointed, to represent the Vineyard Nantucket, and F
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The Steamship board of governors this week learned that the chances of a new reservation system before 2026 grow increasingly remote, and it will likely require broad organizational changes across several departments. 

The Steamship Authority plans to halt advertising on its ferries after a PETA ad ruffled feathers with fishermen and boat line officials. 

A Steamship Authority dock worker was injured over the weekend after he was hit in the jaw by a winch, according to the ferry line. 

A call from lawmakers thousands of miles from the Vineyard’s shores could spare the Island from new marine speed restrictions that would result in ferry service cuts.

The ferry line board of governors Thursday approved a $17 million retrofit of a former offshore oil vessel. The ferry, which will be called the M/V Monomoy, will eventually join two other newly converted freight vessels that are set to join the Steamship fleet later this year. 

The Steamship Authority board of governors voted this week to tie upcoming salary increases for its 100 or so non-union staffers to the weighted average of pay raises for unionized workers.