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It happened yesterday. One minute before 11 a.m., the Island boat line was administered by the officers and directors of the Massachusetts Steamship Lines Inc., as constituted for some time past; one minute after 11, the management was in the hands of new officers and directors, the responsibility of the New Bedford, Woods Hole, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Steamboat Authority.
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Only the signature of Governor Furcolo now remains to turn into law the bill setting up a new Steamship Authority with three members, locally appointed, to represent the Vineyard Nantucket, and F
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For three of the last six years, the opening day of summer vehicle reservations with the Steamship Authority has been plagued by technology problems.

The Steamship Authority saw last month's Martha's Vineyard passenger traffic rise nearly 26 per cent compared to January 2022.

The weekend's cold has caused mechanical problems in three ferries.

The Steamship Authority’s multi-year reconstruction of its Woods Hole terminal is now fully focused on the land side of the property, where the longtime staging area for Vineyard-bound vehicles was recently demolished.

After vowing that Tuesday’s online opening for auto reservations for the Martha’s Vineyard route would run more smoothly than the chaotic Nantucket opening day, the results did not bear out the promise.

Next Tuesday will be different. That was the pledge from the Steamship Authority this week after a series of website problems marred the opening day for online summer reservations on the Nantucket route.