An online application that’s taking the high school by storm this school year is making it even more difficult to be a teen. Ask.fm, a website and online application that allows users to ask each other questions anonymously, arrived on the Island late this summer through Twitter, just in time to greet the first day of school.


For a limited time, the Vineyard Gazette is opening up access to all parts of our new multiplatform website to subscribers and visitors alike so you can explore our wealth of multimedia, news, information and commentary and sample our many new features.

Whether you are accessing the site from a desktop computer, an iPad or a smart phone, the first thing you may notice is that the site is just the right size for your screen.


MV BBS welcome screen

The Internet did not arrive on the Island by chance, like the skunk and the raccoon. It was deliberately brought here by an anxious group of like-minded computer enthusiasts. Twenty years ago, it wasn’t even known on the Vineyard as the Internet.

Today, business on the Island doesn’t get done without a byte or a bit being exchanged. The Internet today is in every town hall, most municipal buildings and in just about every household. The world is linked to the Vineyard and the Vineyard is linked to the world.


The Vineyard Gazette has established a Worldwide Web page on the Internet. This service for customers and friends of the Vineyard gives readers from here and abroad an opportunity to connect to the newspaper in a new way.