Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Get Crafty

Got a stash of yarn, a stockpile of craft paper, a few yards of fabric? Start a project and join the rest of the Island in corona-crafting.

Treasure Hunt

Why not take a drive, a walk or a bike ride around the Island to see if you can spot these works of art in the wild.

The Camera Man

Since 2013, photographer Tim Johnson hasn’t missed a week capturing Island Light for the Vineyard Gazette. That’s a lot of (really beautiful) photos.

The Talent Show

Five artists — Lizzy Schule, Lily Keller, Taylor Stone, Malcolm Smith, and JP Shepard — flourish, even during a shutdown.

As You Like It

Heading into what might have been his biggest season, private chef and caterer Shane Tank stays hopeful about the summer season.

The Chris Morse Code: An Interview with the Gallery Owner

For Chris Morse, a summer job, a passion, and a business degree drove a vision for a successful business.