Wouldn't it be a great thing to clean up our roads, and not just our beaches?
Not only has Island Grown Initiative (IGI) gone into direct competition with local farms by taking away on-Island market share from them, but it is...
We were blessed with another sunny, successful electronics disposal day here at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services.
I have some bad news for those who have been following our attempts to promote the rare and beautiful Cayuga duck breed.
The orange mesh fencing and yellow barricades along Beach Road indicate an area of beach erosion that threatens the stability of the road.
Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the staff members at Martha's Vineyard Hospital who were involved in the amazing care of Marion Mackay.
This unique (somewhat old schools) environment finds residents and local leaders being stubborn to change.
Is it any wonder why there are fewer rentals available to help the affordable housing shortage both in and off-season?
I was so delighted that the Strand movie theatre will be restored and the one in Vineyard Haven.