Cape Pogue Pond

  • 1,480 acres, Chappaquiddick
  • 816-acre watershed

Poucha Pond

  • 210 acres, Chappaquiddick
  • 921-acre watershed

Situated on the outer northeastern edge of Chappaquiddick, Cape Pogue Pond is a pristine coastal embayment surrounded by several hundred acres of forever wild land owned by The Trustees of Reservations. East Beach, a long, unbroken barrier beach, separates the pond from Nantucket Sound. Ocean washovers are common during storms. The pond has a mean depth of 7.4 feet and is tidal, flowing into the outer Edgartown harbor on the north end through the Cape Pogue Gut. With practically no building around it, the bay is clean and uncompromised by nitrogen, supporting thick eel grass beds.

Poucha Pond. — Mark Lovewell

Historically Cape Pogue Pond has been the site of the largest landings for bay scallops in the commonwealth. Finfish and softshell clams thrive and wild bird populations are abundant. The pond connects to Poucha Pond via a channel to the south. Poucha’s calm waters have long served as a natural nursery for bay scallops. Ringed by brackish marshland, the pond is a haven for migratory waterfowl in the fall.