• 1,695 acres, Edgartown
  • 3,068-acre watershed

Katama Bay is a large, dynamic saltwater estuary that stretches from the Edgartown Harbor on the northern end to South Beach and Mattakeesett Creek on the southern end. The bay is divided from the Atlantic Ocean by the Norton Point barrier beach which connects Edgartown to Chappaquiddick. Historically the beach breaches in severe storms about every 10 to 20 years. When these breaches occur, as happened in 2007, natural conditions change dramatically and become unstable. The most recent breach closed in early spring 2015, meaning Chappaquiddick is no longer an Island again. The bay flushes well on the harbor end, where a strong tide runs through a narrow channel. It supports a robust fishery: bay scallops, quahaugs, softshell clams and small finfish can all be found. Katama Bay is also at the center of a burgeoning oyster farm movement on the Vineyard, with 12 farms now in operation.