Unusually Wicked Weather Not So Unusual After All

It’s been a real New England winter this year, and as February comes to a close, numbers tell the story. One day before the end of the month, records from the National Weather Service station in Edgartown show that total snowfall on the Vineyard is 25 inches for the year to date. Nearly all of that snow fell in January and February, when the Island had 10 and 15 inches respectively.

Getting Personal With Weather, Cloudmaker Washes Ashore

Just about everything washes up on the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard at some point, from seaglass to messages in bottles. And last December, a few lucky beachcombers up-Island encountered a first: Pieces of a personal weather modification device.
 That’s the formal name. Informally, it’s simply a cloudmaker, a combination science experiment/art project created by Karolina Sobecka, 35, of New York city. Ms. Sobecka designed the cloudmaker as part of her Amateur Human project, which seeks to personalize human relationships with the environment.

Blizzard Batters Island With Snow, Ice, Hurricane Gusts

The prolonged, powerful winter blizzard that pounded much of eastern Massachusetts this weekend had begun to ease but only slightly on the Vineyard Saturday afternoon. Ferry and air service to the Island remainded suspended following 24 hours of snow, ice, high winds and whiteout conditions. A travel ban in effect was set to be lifted at 4 p.m. as the storm slowly began to dissipate. But Vineyard roads remained snow-covered and treacherous and highway crews were hard at work clearing them; Islanders were advised to use caution when going out.

Weather Forecasting

The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which claims its forecasts are 80 per cent accurate, predicts that our winter weather will be colder and drier this year, with below normal snowfall. They predict it will be colder than normal in November and December, coldest from Christmas to early January, with another cold snap between early and mid-February. It will be snowiest in mid-December and again in mid-to-late February, and warmer than average from March to October.

Christmas Day Northeaster Buffets Island with Torrential Rains and High Winds

A huge storm that caused troubles for much of the nation ended up sparing the Vineyard its worst wrath. Though the Christmas Day northeaster passed over the Vineyard and Nantucket on its path out to sea, it dropped an inch of snow and lots of rain. The National Weather Service cooperative station recorded 1.41 inches of melted precipitation.

Storm Drives Fish Close for Shore Anglers

For a weekend anticipated to be a washout for fishermen, it was an active three days at Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby headquarters in Edgartown.

Brisk Winds, Choppy Seas Foil Fishing

Brisk Winds, Choppy Seas Foil Fishing


How have the wind and choppy seas affected the fishing during the first week of the 61st Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby? That depends on whom you ask.

Since Stormy Weather, Islands Aren’t Together

Over the past year on the Vineyard, there was plenty of wind, storms for almost every season and so much summer sun there was a concern about drought.

A big ocean storm in April opened the barrier beach at Norton Point to the ocean. A northeaster on Valentine’s Day and another last month with near-hurricane winds kept reminding Vineyarders the ocean can get nasty.

In other words, it was another classic year of variable New England weather on the Island.

Anglers Brace for Winds

At the derby station this morning Ed Jerome, president of the 63rd annual Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby, was not happy about the weekend forecast.

“It could blow up to 35 knots,” Mr. Jerome said.

Last weekend the anglers were discouraged by heavy rain. This weekend, there is a serious concern about high wind.

For boat fishermen that is not only tough it could be dangerous. Shore fishermen will flock to the lee side of the Island to get out of the wind.

Wet Weather Slows Weigh Station Work

Fishing slowed to a trickle this past weekend for the participants in the 63rd annual Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby. And the rainy, windy weather didn’t help.

Some of the 2,000 anglers may have been out there, but few came home with dinner. Weighmaster Roy Langley said he weighed in half a dozen fish a day through the weekend. Mr. Langley shares weighmaster duties with Charlie Smith, who works the scales at night.