Watch For It On the News-Stands!

Beginning with the issue of Thursday, June 25, the Vineyard Gazette will be published twice a week---every Tuesday and every Friday--during the summer season of 1929. This twice-a-week publication will make possible better service to summer readers and the summer advertisers. The improvement is in line with the growing importance of Martha’s Vineyard as a summer resort and will make the Island newspaper a greater factor in Island progress.

Every Tuesday and Every Friday issue of the Vineyard Gazette will be mailed to subscribers as usual. There is no increase in the subscription price. Non-subscribers will be able to buy the papers twice a week at the news-stands. Watch for it Twice a Week!

In order to live up to the, mere frequent schedule of publication, it is necessary to establish absolute deadlines for the acceptance of advertising copy. All advertisements intended for publication Tuesday must be in the Gazette office by 12:00 o’clock noon on Monday. All advertisements for the Friday edition must be in the Gazette office by 12:00 noon on Thursday. These limits will be adhered to rigorously in order that the semi-weekly edition may go to press promptly, and no exceptions can be made.

Not only will the twice-a-week editions this summer add new effectiveness to Island advertising, but a revision of rates will be announced making a substantial saving possible for advertisers using the Gazette twice weekly. Advertisers are invited to inquire as to the cost of twice-a-week advertising this summer.

Read the Vineyard Gazette twice a week!