While mainland newspapers and radio scouts hunted in vain, to use their own expressions, for President Roosevelt, on Tuesday and Tuesday night, the Chief Executive was lying snugly and quietly aboard the Potomac, anchored in Tarpaulin Cove. The presence of the presidential yacht in the cove was known on the Vineyard in the early afternoon, but so far as is known no one attempted to approach the craft and certainly no one who knew of her presence there, tipped off any institution or individual that might have invaded her privacy.
It was not established by the Gazette that the local coast guard unit had any part in guarding the president or protecting him from unwelcome visitors, but it was not difficult to guess that the commander, at least, knew where the yacht was at anchor. And further, it may have been just coincidence, but the fleet of maneuvering men-of-war which excited so much interest on Monday, got under way and slipped over the skyline at an early hour on Tuesday, where they might have kept a rendezvous with the Potomac.