The setting up of tire-rationing boards in Island towns this week brings the war yet nearer to the Vineyard. These rationing committees one in each town of the Island, were appointed and set up under instructions which came direct to the chairmen of all board of selectmen on Monday night from a former governor, Joseph B. Ely, who is the state administrator of tire rationing.

According to instructions the local boards shall be non partisan, consisting of three citizens, not in the tire business, to administer tire rationing starting Jan. 5. The telegram adds:

“In setting up boards bear in mind that other commodities may come under board's supervision. Expense of local administrations must be borne locally. An office or offices must be set up according to size of community so that the public can be served. Suggest using available municipal buildings, that appointed board select an available municipal employee as full time administrator and that departmental employees be utilized for administrative assistants. Each board member becomes non paid federal agent and must take oath...”

Some delay occurred at Gay Head, but in that town it was not felt that any haste was necessary, for the reason that no tires are sold in that town. In anticipation of other rationing, however, a board will be set up.

The boards appointed in the various towns are as follows: Oak Bluffs, J. W. Woodard, Manuel Caton, Joseph S. Penney; Vineyard Haven, Gen. Meriwether L. Walker, Harris M. Crist, Franklin H. Swift; Edartown, Horace O. Hillman, William Roberts, Charles F. Shurtieff; West Tisbury, George G. Gifford, Walter I. Jenney, Joseph E. Howes; Chilmark, Selectmen Benjamin C. Mayhew Jr., F. Roger Allen, D. Herbert Flanders.