Final figures for the Sixth War Loan drive, so far as It applies to the Vineyard, are now available, and stand at sales of $705,367.50, compared with the quota of $203,218. The amount is somewhat increased since the total given at the formal end of the drive, since all sales of E bonds made dur­ing the month are credited to the drive. According to S. C. Luce Jr., chairman, the Tisbury and up-Island towns, listed as one district, turned in $59,350 in E bond sales, with a quota of $35,000, and $521,400 in all other bonds, with a quota of $105,518. The grand total for the district was $580,­150, more than five times the quota. This includes postoffice sales as well as those made through the Mar­tha’s Vineyard National Bank.
Edgartown ended up with a total of $89,617.50 of sales of all types of bonds, Arthur B. Hillman, chairman, has announced. Of this $4,112.50 was postoffice sales, $84,475 bank sales. A total of $24,147.50 was in E bonds. Her E bond quota was only $10,000, so that it was more than doubled, a remarkable record. The quota for all other types was $35,400.

Oak Bluffs Raised $85,000

In Oak Bluffs, where John E. Phil­lips was chairman, a total of $35,0001 was raised, $8,000 in E bonds and $27,000 in all others. The quota for the town was $8,000 in E bonds, $9,300 in all others.
The Vineyard’s proud record is worth comparing with the record of Region 3 to which it was assigned in this drive. The region, consisting of Bristol, Barnstable, Dukes and part of Plymouth Counties, stood second among the districts of the state in E bond sales, raising 120.1 per cent of its quota, while it was third in the sales of all other issues, with 122.2 per cent. Total E bond sales for the dis­trict were $6,071,000. Total purchases of all types of bonds amounted to $58,295,000, topping the approximately $52,000,000, which previously stood as the record for money raised in the area, for any cause.