The roll of service men is printed herewith in revised form which the Gazette hopes is accurate. Every effort is made to keep the list up to date. All official sources of information are used when possible, but the Gazette is heavily dependent upon the families and friends of service men for their listing in proper classifications.
In a few instances the names of summer residents will be found in the list. This is either because they claim residence on the Island or because their families have been closely identified with the Island for a generation or more and because they stem from Island ancestors.

Vineyard Haven

Arthur C. Andrews, Army•••.
Benjamin J. Andrews, Army.
Everett S. Allen, Navy.
Henry R. Anderson, Army.
Edward J. Andrews, Army.
James Andrews Jr., Navy.
Joseph T. Andrews, Army.
Lawrence Andrews, Army.
Manuel M. Andrews, Army.
William Howard Andrews, Marines.
Warrem E. Armitage, Navy.
Frederick L. Athearn, Army.
Stuart Bangs, Army.
Manuel Alexander Baptist, Army.
Albert R. Benson, Army.
Lawrence Eaton Blatchford, Army.
Hartson H. Bodfish Jr., Army.
Domingoes Borges, Army.
Joseph Borges, Army.
James A. Boyle, Army.
Thomas Brennan, Naval Reserve.
Stanley W. Brown, Navy.
Bradford Brush, Army.
Howard Stanton Bryden, Army.
Edward Buddy, war correspondent.
Henry Burgess Jr., Naval Reserve.
Daniel F. Burgo, Naval Reserve.
Francis L. Burke, Army.
Horace Bushnell, Army.
Raymond Campbell, Army.
August Campos, Army.
Manuel A. Campos Jr., Army.
Francis Patrick Casey, Army.
Cass Canfield Jr., Army.
Antone Canha, Naval Reserve.
Howard Adams Chadwick Jr., Army.
Parker Olin Chapman, Coast Guard.
Robert Chapman, Army.
Joseph Chase, Army.
Roland Chase, Navy.
Alfred Churchill, Merchant Marine.
Wendell Bradford Clough, Navy.
Benjamin W. Coggins, Navy.
Adelbert E. Colby, Army.
Herbert T. Colditz, Army.
Moses M. Cole, Army.
Philip Cole, Army.
George Andrews Costa, Army.
Francis Coutinho, Army.
Manuel Leonard Coutinho, Navy.
Robert Henry Counsell, Marines.
Sidney B. Counsell, Navy.
Paul E. Cowdrey, Army.
Benjamin C. Cromwell Jr., Navy.
Carlyle Cronig, Army.
Stanley Cronig, Army.
Elijah Warren Crowell, Army.
Raymond Dahill, Army.
William Riley Deeble 3rd, Army.
Thomas Gale Desrosiers, Army.
Ralph E. Devine, Navy*.
Malcolm D. Diamond, Army.
Arthur Dickson, Army.
George Irving Dolby Jr., Army.
James E. Dolby, Army.
Richard Lair Downes, Army.
Owen Downie, Navy.
Donald DeF. Downs, Army*.
Philip de la Noye Drew Jr., Army.
Herbert F. Duart, Army.
Harold William Dugan, Navy.
William E. Dugan Jr., Naval Reserve*.
John Napoleon Duquette, Navy.
Dayton Eddy, Army.
Channing Entwistle, Coast Guard Reserve.
Sturgis Entwistle, Army.
William Leffingwell Farnsworth, Army.
Martin Fenton, Army.
William Fenton, Army.
Manuel F. Ferro, Army.
Donald Fettretch, Army.
George F. Figueriedo, Army.
Edward Swartz Figueriedo, Army.
Manuel S. Figueiredo, Army.
William Swartz Figueiredo, Army.
John S. Finnegan, Army.
Emery B. Flanders, Army.
Joseph R. Fragosa, Army.
Rheno L. Fullin, Navy.
Frederick Oswald Fischer, Army.
Michael J. Fontes Jr., Army.
Manuel A. Frank 3rd, Army.
Joseph H. Frisch, Army.
Richard A. Gale, Navy.
George R. Goethals, Army,
George Goethals Jr., Army.
David Golart, Army.
Nathan S. Gordon, Navy.
Jerome A. Healy, Naval Reserve.
Donald B. Hebb, Navy.
Carl Hermenau, Army.
Walter Hermenau, Army••.
William Morgan Honey, Army.
Philip Osborn Horton, Army*.
Herbert E. Isaacs, Army.
Samuel Bernard Issokeon, Merchant Marine.
Beckwith Jordan, Coast Guard.
Irvin Kalin, Army.
Paul Kerns, Navy.
Antone A. King Jr., Army.
Arthur King, Army.
Lewis F. King, Army.
Harold Kinnecom, Coast Guard.
John E. Kinnecom, Navy.
Manuel Lawrence Jr., Army.
Richard W. Legg, Army.
Edwin T. ‘Leonard Jr., Army.
Antone V. Lima, Navy.
Roswell H. Lindsay, Army.
Chandler Lord, Marines.
F. William Luce, Navy.
Walter Anderson Luce, Army.
Allan MacDonald, Army.
Harold Macdonald, Army.
John Bradford Macdonald, Army.
Peter Roche Macdonald, Army.
Philip Byron Macdonald, Army.
George Maciel, Navy.
James Maciel, Army.
Louis T. Maciel, Army.
Manuel M. Maciel, Navy.
William Maciel Jr., Army. .
Harold James Magee, Army.
Edward Madeiros, Navy*.
Louis Alfred Martell, Army.
Frank Marshall, Army.
Augustine M. Masada, Army.
Carl Maseda, Navy.
Domingoes M. Mesada Army.
Robert Willis MacInnis, Army.
George W. Maury. Merchant Marine.
Arthur Ashley Mayhew, Marines.
Elwynn C. Mayhew, Army.
Mason Mayhew, Army.
Theodore Carl Meinelt, Army.
Ernest Mello, Army.
Joseph C. Mello, Army.
August J. Menkens, Army.
G. W. Merry, Navy.
Herman Joseph Miller, Army.
Sidney Arnold Miller, Army.
Daggett Morse, Army.
George Smith Murphy Jr., Army.
Milton Nichols Jr., Army.
B. Eliot Norton, Army.
Patricia Norton, Army.
Thomas Alden Norton, Naval Re­serve.
Frank Jesse Oliver, Army.
Frank Oliver, Army.
Jesse J. Oliver 3rd, Army.
Lawrence Pacheco, Navy.
Ernest Pachico, Army.
Richard Joseph Pachico, Army.
Manuel Alexander Paiva, Army.
Henry Paiva, Army*.
Raphael Paiva, Army.
Carl A. A. Palioca Jr., Army.
Philip Garland Paltz, Army.
Ronald Peakes, Army*. ,
John Branscomb Peirce, Army.
William L. Pelts, Army.
Antone J. Perry, Army.
Reginald Francis Pinto, Navy.
Robert A. Plante, Army.
Howard Powell, Marines.
Walter H. Renear, Army.
Stanton C. Richards, Army.
Custer Merrill Ritter, Army.
George J. Rogers, Navy.
Manuel Charles Rogers, Army.
Edward Roth Jr., Army§.
Edward Roth 3rd, Navy.
Robert Rudolph, Marines.
George J. Santos, Army.
Manuel Sardinha, Navy.
Mervin Sears, Naval Reserve.
Edwin Luther Sibert Jr., Navy.
Domingoes Laborio Silva, Army.
John P. Silvia, Army••.
Arthur P. Silvia, Navy.
James K. Silvia, Army.
Theophilus M. Silvia, Navy.
John Augustus Silvia, Army.
Edward Hanson Smith, Coast Guard.
Gerald Smith, Army.
Alfred P, Sousa, Army.
George Francis Sousa, Army*.
Antonio Soares Swartz, Army*.
Ernest Francis Swartz, Army*.
Dean R. Swift, Army.
Donald Swift, Naval Reserve.
Harry W. Taylor, Army.
Richard R. Thompson, Army**.
Eldon Tilton, Army.
Harold Ainsworth Tilton, Army.
Millard Thurston Tilton, Army.
Owen Fraser Tilton, Army.
Richard C. Tilton, Navy.
Wallace E. Tobin, Coast Guard Reserve*.
Paul E. Trahan, Army.
Anthony Van Riper, Army.
Charles M. Vincent, Army*.
Harold E. Wagner, Navy*.
Andrew F. Walker, Army.
Clarence N. Ward, Marines.
Malcolm 0. Welch, Coast Guard.
Howard Whitney, Marines.
James Albert Yates, Coast Guard.
Samuel T. Yates,  Coast Guard.


Robert Allen, Army,
Alfred A. Averill Jr., Naval Reserve.
Walter Averi11, Army.
C. Stuart Avery, Army.
Edwin Earle Barker, Army.
Joseph Raoul Barriault, Army.
Clarence F. Barry, Army.
Joseph P. Barry, Army.
Kenneth Randolph Barry, Army.
Frederic Fox Bartrop, Army.
Gordon W. Bassett, Army.
Harold B. Batcheller Jr., Army.
Richard Silva Beetle, Army.
Edward Belisle, Navy*.
Linwood Belisle, Army,
Angelo Eugene Benefit Jr., Army.
Joseph Augustus Benefit Jr., Ma­rines*.
William Benefit, Army.
George Malcolm Berry.
Edmund J. Berube, Naval Reserve••.
Rodney D. Berube, Navy.
Arthur M. Bettencourt, Coast Guard.
Edwin Bettencourt, Army.
Elmer Bettencourt, Navy.
Richard Bettencourt, Navy.
John L. Black, Army.
Clifford S. Boyd, Navy.
Charlotte C. Braley, Coast Guard.
Donald W. Brown, Army++.
Douglas Clayton Brown, Naval Re­serve***.
Gardner Norton Brown, Navy.
John P. Brown, Army*.
Ralph W. Brown, Navy.
Robert P. Brown Jr., Navy.
William B. Brown, Navy.
James A. Carroll, Army.
Robert J. Carroll, Army.
George H. Carey, Army.
Edson B. Cates, Naval Reserve••.
Robert Frederick Collins, Army.
Richard Iliffe Colter, Army.
Robert W. Colter, Army.
Robert E. Convery, Army.
John Costa, Army.
Manuel Costa, Army.
Wallace Carver Damon Jr., Army.
John Barnard Davis, Army.
Edward J. DeBeech, Army.
Henry J. Delaney, Army.
Kenneth W. Deitz, Navy.
Harris N. Drake, Merchant Marine. 
Nelson D. Duarte, Navy.
John F. Enos Jr., .Navy.
William Enos, Navy.
Hector Omar Filteau, Army.
Francis Eliot Fiaher, Army.
Ellsworth F. Fisher, Army.
Lauress Fisher, Army.
Russell E. Fisher, Navy.
Alfred Francis, Navy.
Wayland S. Fuller, Coast Guard.
Daniel P. Gaines, Marines.
Richard L. Gaines, Naval Reserve.
Albert Garand, Navy.
Edward S. Gaspar, Army.
Arthur Gazaille, Navy.
Lawrence Gamine, Army.
Ruth Gelinas, Navy.
Stephen C. Gentle, Enlisted Air Corps Reserve*.
Louis E. Nunes Goulart, Marines.
Louis N. Goulart Jr., Army.
Cecil Edgar Grant, Army.
Kenneth Grant, Army.
John Gulick, Army; American Field Services*.
Elwood W. Harding, Army.
Lester E. Healy, Army••.
Benjamin S. Hoar, Army.
Sherman Hoar, Army.
John Hoglund, Navy.
Leslie W. Inman, Army.
Levi Jackson Jr., Navy.
Ralston S. Jackson, Naval Reserve.
Lowell Mason Jeffers, Army. ,
Quentin Jernegan, Army.
Oscar R. Johanson Army.
George Joseph Jordan, Army.
Edmund Lincoln Kelley, Army.
Edward Kelley, Army.
John Darrow Kelley, Army••.
Paul Kelley, Army*.
Robert W. Kelley, Army.
Ray Worth King, Navy.
Gloria F. King, Navy.
Henry F. King Jr., Army.
Norman LaBelle, Navy.
Thomas G. LaBelle, Army.
Charles Leighton Jr., Marines.
Samuel D. Leighton, Marines.
Floyd Travis Lohnes, Army*.
John Frederick Look, Army.
Martin Look, Canadian Army.
John S. Lovewell, Navy.
Sylvester P. Luce, Army.
Preston Luce, Navy.
John Leslie Lutwilier, Army.
Duncan W. McBride, Army.
Allen J. MacEachern, Navy.
Frank Maciel Jr., Army.
Lloyd Marchant, Army.
Robert A. Marchant, Coast Guard.
Donald Mavro, Navy.
John A. McBride, Army.
C. McLaughlin, Merchant Marine.
Gilbert McLaughlin, Merchant Marine.
Alfred P. Mello, Army*.
AntOne Mello, Army••.
Frank J. Mello, Army.
Gilbert C. Mello, Army.
John Cabral Mello, Army.
Joseph C. Mello, Army.
Manuel C. Mello Jr., Marines.
Nathan Junior Mercer, Army.
Willoughby Mercer, Navy.
Donald R. Mills, Army.
Walter M. Morris, Army.
Fred B. Morgan Sr., Coast Guard*.
Fred B. Morgan Jr., Army.
Robert Taylor Morgan, Army.
Allen M. Mortimer, Army.
Wyman Mortimer, Merchant Marine.
Edwin Worth Nevin, Army.
John C. Nevin, Army.
John D. Norton, Army.
John W. Norton, Army.
S. B. Norton Jr., Naval Reserve.
Winthrop B. Norton, Naval Reserve.
Merion Nunes, Navy.
John O’Neil, Army.
Boleslaw Panek, Army.
Philip H. Paris, Marines.
Jonathan S. Pease, Army.
Osoar C. Pease, Army.
Francis Perry, Army.
Philip Donald Perry, Navy.
Elmore Porter, Naval Reserve.
Edward Prada, U, S. Engineers.
Richard Prada, Merchant Marine.
William T. Reynolds, Army*.
Frank Rezendes, Army*.
John Richard Riley, Army.
Charles Ripley, Army.
Charles Rubinacci, Army.
Joseph H. Rubinacci, Army.
Paul H. Runyon, Navy.
Elmer Santos, Navy.
George B. Santos, Navy.
John E. Santos, Army.
Edwin L. Searle, Army.
Leland P. Searle, Army.
Roger J. Sequin, Navy.
Joseph Serpa, Army.
Cornelius Marchant Sibley, Army.
Antone H. A. Silva, Army.
Albert R. Silva, Army.
Edward Paul Silva, Marines.
Foster B. Silva, Army.
Joseph H. Silva, Army*.
Richard Manuel Silva, Army.
Manuel J. Silva, Army.
Edward Albert Sylvia, Army.
Henry Prentiss Smith, Army.
Nelson C. Smith, Navy.
Albert K. Sylvia, Army.
Albert King Sylvia Jr., Coast Guard.
Alvin F. Sylvia, Coast Guard.
Edward K. Sylvia, Army Transport Service.
Donald B. Tarr, Army.
Donald F. Thomas, Army.
Lyle B. Thomas, Army.
Wilson Lawrence Thomas, Army.
Ewin G. Tyra, Navy.
John Silva Viera Jr., Army.
Gilbert Waight, Coast Guard.
James C. Walker, Coast Guard.
Raymond Walker, Coast Guard Reserve*.
Thomas J. Walker, Navy.
Alfred Heber Wannamaker, Army*.
Donald F. Ward, Navy.
Ernest Ward Jr. Naval Reserve.
Charles F. Waters Jr., Navy.
Charlotte Elizabeth Waters, Army*.
Arthur P. West, Coast Guard Reserve•.
Eldon V. West, Army.
Richard E. West, Maritime Service.
William A. West, Navy.
Julien V. Weston, Army.
Edward Forrest Whitney, Army.
Howard E. Willey, Naval Reserve.
Douglas Grovestine Willoughby, Army*.
Eldon Willoughby, Army*.
Freeman A. Willoughby, Army.
Hobart Lockett Willoughby, Army.
John Willoughby, Merchant Marine.

Oak Bluffs

William P. Abbe, Army.
George Francis Allard, Army.
Wilfred Thomas Allard, Army.
Francis K. Alley, Navy.
Francis Madeiros Alley, Navy.
George Alley, Navy.
Herman W. A. Alwardt, Navy.
Madison E. Alwardt, Army.
Robert B. Alwardt, Army.
Nelson G. Amancio, Navy.
Walter Amancio, Navy.
Anthony D. Amaral, Navy.
William J. Amaral, Army.
George Anthony, Army.
James Anthony, Coast Guard.
Thomas J. Attridge Jr., Army*.
Richard H. Bernard, Navy.
Theodore Bernard, Navy.
Richard Blankenship, Navy.
Theodore Montgomery Boorum, Army.
Edward A. Brown, Army*.
Manuel H. Burgess, Army.
Nelson M. Cardoza, Navy.
Maurice F. Carr, Army.
John Leo Camara, Army.
Warren Francis Camara, Army.
Lloyd Whitney Carter, Army.
Daniel Chanley, Army.
John Bleecker Child, Coast Guard Reserve.
Benjamin A. Clements, Army.
Guy Robert Clements, Army.
Percy Clements, Army.
Edward Constantino, Naval Reserve+.
John Correira, Army.
Joseph A. Correira, Marines.
Gordon Costa, Army.
John Frederick Costa, Army.
Raymond D. Costa, Army.
Ruth Whervell Dean, Army.
Antone J. deBettencourt, Army.
Edward T. DeBettencourt, Army.
Lawrence DeBettencourt, Army.
Nelson William DeBettencourt, Army.
Gerald G. Denniston, Army.
Byron Dow, Army.
Joseph F. Duarte Jr., Navy.
Raymond F. Duarte, Marines.
Willard L. Durgin, Coast Guard.
Donald P. Eddy, Army.
Warren Eddy, Army.
John J. Enos, Army.
Manuel Anthony Enos Jr., Army+.
Antone A. Estrella, Navy.
Joseph Estrella, Navy.
Manuel Estrella, Army.
Raymond A. Farland, Army.
Joseph D. Ferriera, Marines*.
John Ferriera Jr., Army.
Richard S. Fisher.
Albert F. Fuller, Army.
Cooper Alleyhe Gilkes Jr., Army*.
Robert T. Gilkes, Army+.
George S. Glover, Army.
James Francis Golden, Army.
William C. Golden, Army.
Joseph Gomes, Marines.
Walter F. Graf, Army.
Richard Crane Herlihy, Army.
Clarenoe Bernard Herrmann, Army.
George R. Hinckley, Naval Reserve.
Doris B. Horne, Army.
John T. Hughes, Navy.
Robert H. Hughes, Navy.
Thomas J. Hurley, Coast Guard.
Paul W. Kidder, Navy.
Ralph W. Landers, Army.
Leslie Morgan Landers, Army.
Manuel daR. Lewis Jr., Army.
Basil Eldred Look, Army,
Dorothy M. Look, Army.
Joseph M. Machado, Army.
Norman J. Machado, Navy.
Irving R. Mackay, Army.
Benjamin D. Madeiros, Army.
Francis K. Medeiros, Navy.
Frank C, Madeiras, Army,
Ralph J. Madeiros, Army.
Gordon L. Marchant, Army.
Willard H. Marden Jr., Navy.
George H. Marshall, Coast Guard*.
Manuel R. Martin, Coast Guard.
Alfred Manuel Metell, Army.
Francis Metell, Navy.
Henry M. Metell, Navy.
Robert Metell, Navy,
Maxwell Moore, Navy.
Roswell Moore, Army.
Benjamin F. Morton, Merchant Marine.
Alton E. Noyes, Army.
Frank Austin Noyes Navy.
Norman E. Noyes, Army.
Orris Noyes, Army.
Joseph S. Oliver, Army.
Abraham Osborn, Army.
George Pacheco, Coast Guard.
Gilbert R. Pachico, Coast, Guard.
Allen H. Pease, Army.
Robert A. Penney, Navy.
Robert L. Perry, Navy.
Stanley Perry, Navy.
Alphonsus Romero, Navy.
Henry Joseph Rose, Army.
Joseph C. Rose Jr., Army.
Robert Russell Randolph, Army.
Stuart Randolph, Navy.
Walter J. Randolph, Army.
Raymond F. Scott, Army.
Robert E. Scott, Army.
Morris Shapiro, Army••.
Adrian Francis Silvia, Army.
Clifford N. Silvia, Army.
John Raymond Silvia, Army.
Raymond Silvia, Army.
Robert S. Silvia, Navy.
William Silvia, Army.
Bradford K. Smith, Army.
Frederick L. Smith, Coast Guard.
Carol Vivian Souweine, Army.
William T. Souweine, Army.
George F. Spencer, Army.
Louis Anthony Spencer, Army.
Milton Smith Sylvia•••.
Albert E. Sylvia, Army.
John G. Sylvia, Army.
Joseph H. Sylvia, Army++.
Philip J. Sylvia, Army.
Richard Joseph Silvia.
Max Swartz, Army*.
Adelburt E. Thurber, Army.
Ernest E. Tilton, Army.
William G. Walker Jr., Army.
Harold L. Webb, Navy*.
David Welch, Army.
George E. White, Army.
Joseph H. White, Army.
Rufus Douglas Wigfail, Army.
Frank Haskins Williams, Navy.

West Tisbury

Clifton H. Athearn, Army.
Elmer William Athearn, Army.
Leonard B. Athearn, Army.
Leroy Kilton Bosworth, Army.
Nelson S. Bryant Jr., Army.
Anthony Theodore Campbell, Army.
Robert N. Flanders Jr., Navy.
Peter Goethals, Navy.
George A. Hough 3rd, Naval Reserve.
John Talcott Hough, Marines.
Allan G. Keniston, Army.
George G. Magnuson Jr., Merchant Marines.
John Wesley Mayhew Jr., Navy.
Louise Merry, Army.
Stephen Garth Murphy, Army.
Bradford Norton, Army.
Doris Palmeira, Navy.
Robert S. Sanborn, Coast Guard Reserve.
John A. Sanford, Army.
Frank Barada Sanford Jr., Army.
George Joseph Silva, Army.
William T. Silva Jr., Merchant Marine*.
Thomas B. Waldron, Army.
John W. M. Whiting, Naval Reserve.


Gardner Marshal Drew, Army*.
Dirk Duys, Army.
Raymond Cook, Army.
Amherst Eaton, Army.
Hollis B. Engley, Army.
Paul S. Engley, Army.
Kenneth A. Flanders Jr., Army*.
Richard Flanders*.
John Gilbert, Navy.
David S. Greenbaum, Army.
Daghard Karsten Larsen, Coast Guard.
Louis Larsen, Merchant Marine.
John W. Mayhew, 2nd, Army.
Lloyd Mayhew, Marines*.
Donald F. Mitchell, Navy.
James Morgan, Merchant Marine.
Clifton Vincent Parker, Merchant Marine.
Walter Silva, Army.
Eugene C. Smith, Navy.
Muriel Norton Smith, Army.
William M. Smith, Army.
Benedict Thielen, Naval Reserve.
Joseph D. Tilton, Navy.
Christopher Trull, Army.
Albert Allen West, Army.
Robert E. West, Army. 

Gay Head

Kenneth Belain, Merchant Marine.
Nathan Alton Francis, Army.
Nelson Francis, Merchant Marine.
Richard L. Francis, Army+.
William E. Grieder, Army.
Philip Edwin MacDiarmid, Navy.
Donald Malonson, Navy.
Charles W. Vanderhoop Jr., Merchant Marine.
Edwin Vanderhoop, Army.
Leonard F. Vanderhoop Jr. Army++.
William Vanderhoop, Army.


Emery William Ackerman, Coast Guard.
Irvin W. Hall, Army.
Donald B. McKay, Coast Guard.
Alpheus Packard Tilton, Army.
*** Missing.
** Missing in action.
* Honorable discharge.
++ Prisoner of war.
+ Died in service.
• Deceased.
•• Killed in action.
•••Died from effects of wounds.
§ Retired.