He is scheduled to Visit the Cape This Weekend
The possibility of President Kennedy’s attending the dinner being given in his honor at the Chappaquiddick Beach Club Labor Day was still left open last night.
Foster L. Silva, for whom the dinner will serve as campaign launcher, said last night that he had called Presidential Assistant Kenneth O’Donnell, who had told him that the President’s calender provided for his vacationing on Cape Cod this weekend and that “every effort would be made” to enable the President to come to Chappy for the affair.
Maybe the Senator
Mr. Silva, who will seek the Democratic nomination to run for the county’s Representative in the General Court, said that if the circumstances were such that the President could not attend the dinner, his brother, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, would represent him. Senator Kennedy was sailing toward the Cape and Islands area last night aboard a private craft.
On several occasions this week, a Coast Guard vessel has been observed offshore from the beach club, and it has been believed by some that its mission was reconnaissance. Earlier in the week, Mr. Silva filed a set of floor plans of the beach club with the Secret Service as required for security reasons in the event the President does attend.
More than 700 invitations have been mailed out for the dinner, the announcement of which took many Vineyarders, not a few of them members of the local Democratic committee, by surprise. The invitations make note of an admission price and of the fact that all proceeds will go to the Foster L. Silva for Representative Committee.
He’ll Vote in Junior Year
Mr. Silva is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Foster Silva of Chappaquiddick, and will enter his junior year of pre-legal training at Suffolk University this fall. Although only 20 years old now, he will have achieved his majority by election time next fall. He worked actively for the Democratic Party in 1962, particularly in Senator Kennedy’s successful campaign.