Editors, Vineyard Gazette:
Support of the U.S. Government’s condemnation of those who have demonstrated against that policy has been expressed in a letter signed by members of the Martha’s Vineyard Post 9261, Veterans of Foreign Wars. The Island V.F.W. post sent the following letter to the President:
The President
The White House
Washington 25, D.C.
Dear Mr. President:
We, as members of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9261 on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard, would like to add our voice of protest to the millions of others throughout our land at the disgusting performance we have been subjected to these past few weeks. Demonstrations against our national policy in regard to the unfortunate people of South Vietnam, open defiance of the draft law, endangering the morale of the Armed Forces and damaging our public image abroad.
In any country other than this, actions of this nature would be dealt with severely. But for those who have given of themselves in the past in defense of our rights and freedom, this would not be.
In this world of big and small nations a neighbor of ours is being murdered in his bed and his house is being plundered. Can we morally stand idly by doing noting while some of our own countrymen applaud the deed and the vile manner in which it is being accomplished? There is only answer to that: We must do exactly what we are doing.
We, the members of this post, support our country and government 100 per cent as attested by the signatures of our members below.
Duncan McBride, Commander