At the 60th annual meeting of the Dukes County Historical Society on Aug. 19, the members enjoyed an instruc­tive talk by Jonathan Scott on Chilmark’s Pre-Revolutionary War Houses, of which there are more than 75. By present­ing slides of structural details, Mr. Scott described the various unusual aspects of Vineyard colonial architecture. He also demonstrated the techniques for dating old houses. Mr. Scott is the author of The House that Gave Tea Lane Its Name in the August Dukes County Intelligencer.
After the talk, everyone gathered at the front of the society’s library for the dedi­cation of the building in the name of Gale Huntington. Then Tony Bettencourt op­erated the lighthouse for the benefit of the members, and Arthur Railton gave a tour of the Francis Foster Museum to point out some of the changes that have been made in the last year.
At the business meeting, members lis­tened to the reports of the officers, ap­proved two bylaw changes and elected Arthur R. Railton, president; Daniel F. Sullivan, vice president; Shirley K. Erick­son, secretary; Kathryn M. Bettencourt, treasurer. For three-year terms on the council, they elected Nelson Coon, Lorna Livingston and Edith Morris.