Saturday was a good day for flying to Nantucket — for a change. The PBA terminal was full of anxious Vineyarders hoping for an upset in the annual clash of the Islands on the football field. It was a gallant effort but in the end the Whalers were still undefeated for the season and the Vineyard has lost another close game to them, 12 to 0.

The pageantry of the day started with the homecoming parade. The sirens were wailing as fire truck, police cars and the Nantucket ambulance, along with floats, antique cars and last but not least, a very brave Sandy Arnold paraded past in a rented white Chevrolet with purple balloons and a Go Vineyard sign on it.

There must have been 3,000 people there — at least. There were about 100 Vineyard fans complete with cowbells filling the visitors' stands. The sun came out for a while but as soon as the game started it was overcast, and as always a 20-knot wind was kicking up.

Woody Araujo started things off with the kick-off. A shoestring tackle of the receiver by Bobby Cumming made it Nantucket's ball, first and 10 on their 38 yard line.

The Whalers gained a first down, then tackles by Darren Morris, Randy Ben. David and Mark Hoover stopped the Whalers cold and they were forced to punt.

The teams traded possessions after four plays each and that was the end of the first quarter.

There were rumblings in the Nantucket stands. Hmmm — they don't look that bad — especially the defense. Nobody stops the Whalers usually, but these guys are good. Nervous cheering could be detected. The Vineyard fans knew what was going on and were as loud as possible.

On the Vineyard's next possession they moved the ball well and gained three first downs behind the running of the Araujo crew of Woody, Aaron and Davey. The announcer had an easy time of it. All he

had to say was "Ball carried by Araujo" and he was assured of being right most of the time.

The Vineyarders tried to complete a fourth and one play inside Nantucket territory and failed. The Whalers took over on downs and started their ground attack again. A Rocky Fox sweep produced a big gain and it looked like the Whalers were on the move.

Guess again. Behind the tackling of the entire line and linebackers, a few penalties against the Whalers, a heads-up play by cornerback Spike Smith who deflected a pass with his helmet, and a diving interception by Steve Ferro that was caused by an awesome quarterback rush, it was Vineyard ball with five minutes left in the half.

By this time the Nantucket fans were barely mustering smiles. There were angry comments shouted in the general direction of the officials and the Vineyarders were being called all sorts of names.

It would turn out all right for the Whalers, though. The Vineyarders had the ball again after a recovered fumble by Bobby Cummings. There were 49 seconds left in the game and a pass play was called. The only kink in the play was that Rocky Fox was not the intended receiver, but he caught the ball and smoked 65 yards downfield for a touchdown.

The clock ran out in the half and the Whalers had a 6 to 0 lead.

The second half was is hard fought as the first. The main difference was the number of turn-overs. The Vineyarders fumbled four times inside Nantucket territory. The Whalers scored another touchdown with two minutes remaining in the game on a nice pass completion to Fox. The clock ran out on the Vineyarders, who must have known they had a good chance to beat Nantucket. They still made believers out of the Nantucket people, though. Yes, the Vineyarders can play good football.

So the record for Nantucket is 10 and 0, and they are in the Super Bowl again in Division 5. They play Manchester on Dec. 3, a team that is also undefeated. The Vineyarders finished with a 5 and 5 record — quite respectable. And soon it will be the bouncing of basketballs that will fill the gyms. And skates will be put on and wrestlers' bodies tuned and presto — winter sports are upon us.

Congratulations to all participants in the fall program. All 150 of you deserve it, especially Susy Sawyer and Mary McCarron, who made the Cape and Islands all-star team in field hockey and Bobby MacKay who made it in soccer.