Two new affordable housing units were unveiled by the Island Housing Trust on Old Courthouse Road in West Tisbury Monday, breathing new life into the former site of the town’s firehouse.

A small crowd gathered for a ribbon cutting at the new building that saw speeches, thanks and a tour of the house’s units.

“I truly got to witness all of the work from the very beginning of this to now,” IHT board member Jeffrey Dubard said. “It truly is the best of us.”

The newly erected building holds both one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. Project director Keith Maguire said the house took about 14 months to build, noting the speed of construction was no easy feat amid ongoing supply chain issues.

He added that not all of the town’s old firehouse was lost when the site was re-purposed for housing. A patio in the backyard is made from the foundation of the old firehouse.

The one-bedroom unit was awarded to Jennie Gadowski, and the two-bedroom unit now belongs to Kate and Jonathan Lowe.

Ms. Gadowski said she used to work in the old firehouse, adding that seeing the former site transformed into her new home is something she never imagined possible.

“This is a dream come true,” she said.

She added that affordable housing is an increasing need on the Island.

“We need more and more houses like this,” she said.

Island Housing Trust executive director Philippe Jordi agreed.

“Whether it’s two or 20 [units], it really changes lives,” he said.

Mr. Jordi, in a speech to the crowd, said the house was built with energy efficiency in mind. The building is highly insulated and all-electric, he said. He said the design for the building is one that has been used for other affordable units on the Vineyard, and is one that continues to improve each time new housing is built.

Mr. Jordi said increasing the availability of affordable housing offers families and community members stability, and an ability to grow roots on the Vineyard.

“We see this all the time, over and over again,” he said.

Sitting on a bench on the patio outside, Ms. Gadowski said her new home is better than she could have ever anticipated.

“This is perfect,” she said. “Absolutely perfect.”