Spring Home and Garden 2017, The Young Gardeners Jeanna Shepard

Congratulations on making it through the winter without blowing up the woodstove or asking your spouse to go live in the shed. Winter's hard. But at least you get to hibernate for part of it. Now that spring is here, suddenly the pressure is on to get outside, tidy up, plant a garden, reinvent the wheel. Don't worry, if you're an Islander — or a frequent visitor — you are, by definition, resourceful. Yet we all need help and inspiration. In this edition of the Vine, we'll help you plan a cottage garden and we'll discover dweller-friendly architecture in a treehouse-inspired outbuilding. We'll meet Annie Bradshaw of Martha's Vineyard Tile Company. And we'll get totally inspired by a group of young Islanders, including Ruby Hoy (left) and Tara Gayle (right), above, who are making a (good) living as gardeners and landscapers. Most importantly, we'll take a bite out of egg sandwiches. And rest easy, if you find the whole obsession with spring rejuvenation a bit too much, summer will be here soon.

— Susie Middleton

“Cottage gardens are very personal,” West Tisbury garden designer Mary Wirtz tells me. “There is no wrong way to do them.” Hallelujah. Those of you who worship straight lines and sharp angles, you can all shuffle to the other side of the room for now. (Though feel free to eavesdrop and come...
If you’re lucky, your Vineyard getaway or year-round home already has a porch or an attached arbor, maybe even both. Each creates a space that is neither indoors or out, a delightfully in-between space where you can savor island breezes, salty scents, and framed views all from within a partial...
With more than 30 restaurants on the Island serving egg sandwiches, there’s no excuse for arriving at work hungry. We took a bite out of three.
Gardening is big business all over Martha’s Vineyard. To meet this demand, the Vineyard's long-established landscape and garden companies have been joined in recent years by a wave of young gardeners who are willing to work long hours during the season to make a good living.