Spring Home and Real Estate 2017 Jeanna Shepard

We love to look inside other people's houses—especially right after an addition or renovation. We might not like to admit it, but we're curious. It’s the same curiosity that makes us want to peek behind that swinging door and see what’s going on in that restaurant kitchen. Or to find out where the best place to hunt for sea glass is, or where to find that delicious cheese. Going behind the scenes or discovering someone's secrets is thrilling (and it is a bit sneaky), but it also has a practical benefit: We get our good ideas from each other.

In this issue of the Vine, we're lucky to be invited inside the kitchens of three Vineyard cooks who share their best ideas with us. (The biggest takeaway? It's not appliances or countertops that matter most; a light-filled space and a generous island make spending time in the kitchen fun.) We're also getting a taste of four new (or newly updated) eateries in Oak Bluffs. And we check in with three collectors who enjoy curating their Vineyard memorabilia as much as they do hunting for it. 

We've got a great recipe for John Shepherd's lump crab cakes, a look at a series of outdoor rooms, an interview with the "Estate Sale Guys" and more. Kick off the summer with a promise to yourself that you'll eat well, enjoy your home, and make a little piece of the Vineyard your own.

— Susie Middleton

Three cooks agree that no matter what the kitchen style, good light, a great island, and a smart plan make a kitchen fun to work in.
Get a taste of four new favorite spots to eat in (or take out) in Oak Bluffs, whether for brunch, pizza, fine dining, or fresh fish.
The treasure hunt may be thrilling, but curating a collection 
of Vineyard memorabilia is good for the soul.
Whether you’re eating in, grilling out or picnicking, a stop at Shepherd’s Provisions in Tisbury will significantly expand your dining options. Or you can follow John Shepherd's recipe and make his delicious crab cakes at home.