In the absence of our regular correspondents, we copy from the interesting letters of the N. B. Standard, the following facts relative to the Tabernacle.
For a number of years the need of something being done to protect the people from the sun and rain, or otherwise to remove the stand, has been seen, and discussed, until it was finally determined one year ago to put up something for use the present season. The matter was placed in the hands of Mr. Nathan B. Fenner, of Providence, formerly of New Bedford, to furnish the material, and make the canopy, and the manner in which he has completed his work receives universal commendation. He has used in its construction about 4000 yards of ordinary width of sail cloth, weighing 1980 pounds. The ropes weigh 770 pounds, and the total weight therefore is 2750. It is in six sections, laced together, similar to a bonnet to a vessel’s jib. There are three main centre poles 54 feet long and 1 foot 1 inch in diameter. The ridge sets 45 feet from the ground, and the outer edge or sides 9 feet from the ground, with a curtain 2 1-2 feet wide, trimmed with red worsted fringe. The whole covers sitting for nearly 4000 people. The middle pole will have a topmast 25 feet long from which will wave a white flag with a red cross representing the Christian faith.