There is a prospect that more new houses will be built in the new “Hart Settlement” off the Beach Road. It was our privilege to be shown over the lovely estate and new summer residence of Mr. Wm. H. Hart one day last week. Here are all the latest modern improvements and conveniences. Electric bells and electric lights all over the house and on the spacious piazzas. The interior of the house is of hard wood, finished in natural color. Fine Oriental rugs cover the floors, and the furnishings and hangings are all in keeping. Mr. Hart has had a fine circular driveway made from the Beach road up to and from his residence. This has been concreted. The house sets a long distance back from the road and is in the midst of groves of oaks and pines.
A fine view of the Sound is seen from the house as well as the interior ponds upon which his land borders. We hear that Mr. Hart’s daughter’s house is to be built in the grove of pines near the beach. Mr. Hart has had broad roads cut through his land making a drive through the wood there a great pleasure. There is no doubt but that this estate will be one of the beauty spots of the town in a few years. Even now Mr. Hart has his house surrounded by green lawns, made possible even in this first year by sodding and water, Mr. Hart has accomplished an enterprising thing in having the pipes for the “city water” extended to his grounds.
Mr. Hart has been a public-spirited summer resident ever since Oak Bluffs was started, being one of the first to purchase lots of the Oak Bluffs Land and Wharf Co. for a summer home by the sea. Hon. Geo. M. Landers, C. B. Erwin, Oliver Stanley, Philip Corbin, and others of New Britain, Ct., bought lots about the same time.
Mr. Hart celebrated his 80th birthday here this summer, when a large number of children, grandchildren, and one great-grandchild, did their part in making the day a memorable one. Mrs. Hart is a lady of genial and hospital disposition and is well loved by all who are fortunate enough to have her friendship or acquaintance. We hope Mr. and Mrs. Hart may be permitted to return here many years yet to enjoy their summer home and still bless the community with their presence and benevolence.