The Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce is now a reality. This association, from which it is hoped much will be accomplished in the future for the material prosperity of the Island, has now perfected its permanent organization.

It’s officers and committees, printed below, will be seen to be some of the Island’s representative men, and all of them have the Island’s best interests at heart.

The organization is as follows:

President, Charles A. Turner, West Tisbury; Vice President, John R. Look, Edgartown; Treasurer, L. Ernest Briggs, Tisbury; Secretary, D. J. McBride, Oak Bluffs.

Advertising Committee: R. L. Colter (chairman), Lester de Frates, John R. Look, D. J. McBride, E. D. Bodfish, E. E. Landers, M. F. Delano, E. C. Burleigh, T. C. Howes, H. B. Schultz.

The town committees:

Oak Bluffs: C. J. Darling (chairman), C. P. Hayden, F. F. Blankenship, Dr. H. T. Dean, M. C. Hoyle, R. B. Laird, George Alley, W. V. Ripley.

Edgartown: A. B. Hillman (chairman), T. H. Chirgwin, B. T. Hillman, Dr. E. P. Worth, J. E. Chadwick, A. Mellen, L. W. Vose, C. E. Hall, W. Roberts.

Tisbury: S. C. Luce Jr. (chairman), R. M. Packer (sec.), L. E. Briggs, W. G. Manter, L. W. Renear, H. L. Smith, L. W. Luce, C. S. Norton, F. H. Swift, B. C. Cromwell, H. N. Hinckley.

West Tisbury: George G. Gifford (chairman), W. J. Rotch, U. E. Mayhew, George L. Donaldson, Otis Burt.

Chilmark: H. H. Allen (chairman), Carl Reed, Percy Tilton, Ernest J. Dean, C. A. Turner.

Gay Head: M. C. Hayson (chairman), A. H. Vanderhoop, George W. Cooper, C. M. Ryan, Horace Devine.

Let all good citizens of the Vineyard get their shoulders to the wheel and sustain the Chamber of Commerce. An organization of this kind depends for success on a strong membership, and to that end all who have the welfare of Martha’s Vineyard at heart should help to increase the number of its members. a business membership costs $10; an individual membership $5; an associate member pays $2.

Why not join the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce today?