The bill authorizing the Department of Public Works to construct a bicycle path between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown has received approval in both the house and the senate, Rep. Gregory Mayhew announced Wednesday. But, the authorization carries little weight because no money has been provided for the project.

In effect, the House Ways and Means Committee released the bill to be acted upon because it did not have to find a way to fund the construction. Mr. Mayhew, who co-sponsored the bill with Sen. John F. Aylmer, said it should be on Governor Sargent’s desk within a week for a signature.

It was generally felt that of the bill had not come out of the Ways and Means Committee without funding attached, it would have been referred to the next annual session.

Terrence P. McCarthy of Oak Bluffs, chairman of the Lions Club committee on bicycle paths, said it was encouraging that the bill “made it through the toughest part.” But he added that right now is the time for action on the part of Island residents.

“The governor should be swamped with letters and telegrams from other legislators and Island residents asking him to put a supplemental item into the budget; he has the authority to do that,” Mr. McCarthy said. He said that those interested in informing the governor of their opinion on the matter should begin immediately.

Construction of the path could prove to be a rather costly project. On Nantucket, Mr. Mayhew said, a 10-foot wide path ran about $39,000 a mile.

Mr. Mayhew added that a second bill which he and Senator Aylmer co-sponsored has gathered statewide appeal. It pertains to the development of a master plan, including funding, for a system of bicycle paths and hiking trails all over the state. The bill, which calls for a study to set up the over-all plan, is now on the governor’s desk.

Also approved by the legislature is a bill allowing employees, as well as elected and appointed Dukes County officials,to travel without charge on boats of the Steamship Authority while on official county business. Permission to make each trip would have to be granted by the county commissioners.