Name: Guinevere Cramer

Nickname or Alias: Guinny

Washed Ashore From:

Years Ago: 14

Profession: Social Media Manager

Job in a Former Life: Television host

Favorite Spot on the Island: Lambert's Cove Beach and OB Harbor 

Favorite Island Foodie Treat:  Currently, Cottage City Oysters


If a high-energy, positive, delighted and grateful personality sounds appealing, Point B Realty’s blogger Guinevere Cramer is for you! In the six years this mother of two has been blogging about all aspects of Island life, from food and wine and gallery crawls to new artists, new businesses, and fascinating people, Guinevere has built up quite a following for herself and for Point B. She and her husband Matt, washashores from Philadelphia, moved to the island in early 2004 when Matt got a job with Hutker Architects. Together they are raising two children, Charlotte, 7, and Anderson, 5, in Oak Bluffs.  

Q. What was that first winter like?

A. It was horrific! I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t have a job, it was really an adjustment [from city life]. I didn’t really fit in, initially. 

Q. And then?

A. What really helped me to adjust to Island life is that that next summer, I became a television host on Plum TV, on a live show, called “Morning, Noon and Night.”

After that first, crazy, wild summer on Plum TV, when I covered every single event, and met so many people, I was able to transition well, find my niche, and settle into year-round Island life. We did seven years of that program. It was an opportunity that was such a gift; and heartbreaking to see it end.

Q. Yes, we were all sorry to see the end of Plum TV.  So how did you then become a blogger for Point B?

A. Win Baker and Wendy Harman, Point B’s owners, reached out to me.  I had no idea of doing such a thing! I told them, “I am not a writer, I do TV!” But they said, “We know you can help our real estate clients see other sides of this Island. You have so many years invested in the community already, that we know you will be able to translate that.” So I agreed to try. 

Q: So how did you start?

A: At first, Wendy and Win suggested topics. Then one night, a friend invited me to a jewelry party she was hosting for Rebeccah J (leather and jewelry artist). When I got there, I thought, “This is amazing! This artist is so great! This is what I want to be doing! I want to be doing stories that are not just about events and food; I also want to be people-focused.”

This story let me look at my blog in a different way. And it really helped Rebeccah; and her feedback made me feel really good. It was the same kind of feedback I loved getting in my TV days.  

So things were coming full circle and I was doing what I love to do once again. On Plum TV I learned you could do so much good with just a couple of words, and it’s nice to continue with that ability, to help small businesses with words. So that is what I built my reputation on, as a blogger.

Q. So the “reluctant’ blogger has exceeded her expectations?  

A. Yes. I’m sometimes still shocked that it is so popular or so well received because I am not a journalist by trade. But I have become a self-taught one. I never in a million years thought I would be doing this for this length of time—six years—and still be excited.  

I do a blog twice a week of anywhere from 500 to 1500 words. That’s a lot for one person, extremely part-time, with two little ones. When people said I would never find things to write about twice a week, I’ve proved them wrong time and time again.

Q. What have you learned as a result? 

A. I’ve learned that I can write a little bit, which is interesting. I’ve learned that you can reinvent yourself even after two children; that you really can do a lot of good with just a couple of questions; that there are so many good, generous, talented, awesome people on this Island and it never ceases to amaze me the things that people have done in their past or are doing now.

Q. So, what is next for you?

A. I am happy that Win and Wendy continue to employ me!  I guess we’ll just have to see where this crazy adventure takes me.


Paula Lyons is a former ABC and CBS television consumer journalist who is now semi-retired. She lives in Vineyard Haven.