Island designers Hala Zohbi of MVID and Hutker’s Sarah Schriber (above) share tricks of the trade for decorating smaller, temporary and kid-friendly spaces:


Island Shuffle Style:

• “It can be hard to invest in a space when you are renting. If you are unable to paint, find some good artwork or photographs to display on your walls. It’s a good way to bring some color and a personal touch into the space.” - Sarah

• “Removable wallpaper is a great temporary solution. There are so many options out there now that can transform a space, and will not wreck the walls.” - Hala


Kid-Proof Design:

• As a mom of two little kids, I find that cleaning up messes is inevitable, especially on big piece items like dining tables and sofas. Smashed blueberries, markers, and play dough get everywhere. Put a beautiful patterned fabric over the seat cushions on your sofa. If it gets dirty, just throw it in the wash.” - Sarah


Small on Space, Big on Style:

• “Try adding a leaning floor mirror to a smaller room – they make a space look bigger.” - Hala

• “Make sure when you purchase a rug to get the right size for your space. A bigger rug also helps make the room feel larger.” - Sarah


Color, color, color!

• “Bring in soft textures and colors into spaces where you relax and bright bold colors and workable surfaces where there is more energy and productivity. You can always add color through pillows and plants. Color is just so inviting!” - Sarah