I live my life on a farm, trotting here and there, serendipitously chewing my cud. My name is Helen Mae. Twice a day one of the nice humans arrives to walk me and my friends over to the milking parlour and then out to a fresh patch of grass. Last summer it was quite hot outside. I looked around and there were no humans in sight. I leaned over to Butter, my closest girlfriend in the herd, and asked if she felt like a dip in the ocean. Needless to say, she agreed that it would be quite nice. We rounded up a few other ladies and off we went. An adventure! Over the river and through the woods to Lucy Vincent Beach we went!

Upon arriving at the beach, you can imagine our shock when there were humans there. Since when do humans go to the beach? I suppose it makes sense that on a hot summer day they too would want a dip in the cool waters of the Atlantic.

Our fun ended when, alas, the humans we know came to pick us up with the trailer. As we loaded up, I did feel quite famous as the paparazzi were everywhere! Cameras were clicking and everyone was smiling. It had been worth every minute, and we didn’t even have to walk home. The girls and I have been talking and maybe, just maybe, this year we should hit Lambert’s Cove Beach!



Oh, and by the way, babies like the beach too.



Editor's note: For this story, Helen Mae was very ably assisted by ghostwriter Molly Glasgow, co-founder and creative director of The Grey Barn and Farm.

Photo credits: Molly Glasgow (cow in parking lot), Elizabeth Tarantino (calves at the beach)