Step into Circuit Style Salon in Oak Bluffs and enter a hub of warmth, community and unexpected delight curated by shop owner Seniel Hannagan. To the hint of retro style, vibrant colors and the animated conversation of customers, add the surprise of a warm and furry welcome. Meet Circuit Style’s shop dog, Storm, a one-year-old black-and-white Pomsky.

Clients who walk through the doors of hair salons often get more than a haircut or color; they find solace, camaraderie and a listening ear. At Circuit Style Salon, they get much more: Storm’s boundless affection and infectious energy are an indispensable part of this salon experience. Somehow, she seems to know what each individual needs on any given day.

According to Seniel (in photo below), who has owned Circuit Style since 2011, Storm’s presence in the salon is a testament to the magic and impact of the human-animal bond. This dog has proven to be a healer, a comforter and a source of transformation for many of Seniel’s clients. She has softened the hearts of non-dog lovers and, in one instance, even helped a client overcome a childhood fear of dogs. Storm’s gentle presence has touched lives in ways Seniel never expected.

As a new full-time resident of the Vineyard, I’ve personally experienced the surprise, charm and delight of walking into this salon for the first time as a new customer and being greeted by Storm. From her corner chair, she watched me come in and met me at the door, wagging her fluffy purple tail and rolling on her back, saying welcome. She had me at hello, and I felt at home.

Storm’s celebrity status extends beyond the salon walls; she’s often recognized while out on her daily jaunts with Seniel. As for Seniel? She’s humbled and grateful for the joy Storm brings to everyone she meets.


Mindy Dutka is a photographer, dog advocate and founder of



All photos by Mindy Dutka.