Mr. Lemuel T. Talbot, formerly superintendent of streets in Taunton, has contracted to build the horse railroad at Vineyard Highlands, to be run the coming Summer, and the cars, in the style of the Summer cars of the New Bedford & Fairhaven road, are ordered of J. M. Jones & Co., West Troy, N.Y., the builders of the cars of the latter road. This is good evidence of the enterprise of the Vineyard Grove Co., and we hope it will be a success in every respect. [New Bedford Standard.

From the May 16, 1873 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:

The Vineyard Grove Horse Railroad is to extend from the Highlands wharf along by the west side of Lake Anthony and through Siloam avenue, Wesleyan Grove, to a terminus for the present near the office of the Camp-Meeting Association. The road is to be done by June 9th.

From the June 6, 1973 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:

The horse railroad from Highland wharf to and through the Camp Ground, is being rapidly constructed by the contractor, Mr. Talbot. The planks are already laid over most of the route. The track extends from Clinton avenue, through Trinity Park, around Broadway, and through Pawtucket avenue, to Siloam avenue, where it connects with the main line again. The coast of the road will be about $8,000.