Oak Bluffs! May her oaks grow and spread out and flourish.

The town of Cottage City was notified last Friday that the Governor had signed the bill to change the name of the town to Oak Bluffs. The telegram was received from Henry F. King notifying the selectmen of the fact, and immediately the bell on Union Chapel pealed forth the joyful intelligence. Soon the bell on the Methodist church gave forth its sweet not of general rejoicing, then the bell on the school house, then the bell of the church of the Sacred Heart took up the note and fell in with the rest in one general song of welcome to the new name and for prosperity to the town of Oak Bluffs. The Methodist bell was rung by the young ladies of the high school and a merry time they had in adding to welcoming in of the name. Boys marched through the streets blowing horns, ringing bells and drumming and several young men marched down Circuit avenue blowing tin whistles and trumpets. Mr. Everett Joy fired a salute from his wharf and flags were hoisted to masthead in honor of the occasion.