The Selectmen of this town have granted a license to Mr. Peter West to plant, grow and dig oysters, in a certain part of Squash Meadow Pond, for 20 years. We are glad to hear this. The oysters grown on this Island are of a very superior quality, and we should not be surprised to learn of the complete success of the new enterprise. If we could only make this Island as prolific in oysters as the coast of Georgia, where they are found “in such abundance,” as we are told by travelers, “that a vessel of a hundred tons might load herself in three times her length,” we should have a source of inexhaustible wealth within ourselves. The oyster banks on the coast of Georgia are the favorite resort of fish and birds, as well as of the raccoon, and some other animals, who feed upon the oysters both by day and night. Bunches of them, sufficient to fill a bushel, are found matted, as it were, together; and the neighboring in habitants and laborers will light a fire upon the march grass, roll a bunch of oysters upon it, and then eat them. We live in hopes the same pleasant indulgence may be enjoyed here some day; and why not? The old oyster pond was a famous place of resort, and hundreds upon hundreds of bushels of the finest of bivalves were taken from its waters. We learn that it is again becoming stocked, and we shall hail with delight the day which once more brings to our village, as of old, cart load after cart load of these fine shell-fish.