The vote of Martha’s Vineyard went for Joseph Walsh for congressman, Walter H. Renear for sheriff, and John W. Churchill for state senator in the three most keenly contested primaries Tuesday night. When the votes were counted, Mr. Renear was re-nominated by a large majority, Mr. Walsh had carried the island towns by 137, and Mr. Churchill was ahead in a close vote. Harold Winslow carried Gay Head and Chilmark in his contest with Mr. Walsh. Channing H. Cox became the Republican nominee with the island’s endorsement.

William J. Look led the Republican ticket in most of the towns, polling a larger vote than the head of the ticket, although he had no opposition and his name was far down on the ballot. In Vineyard Haven, West Tisbury and Oak Bluffs he topped the list; in Chilmark he shared the honor with Mr. Renear, and in Gay Head with Capt. George Donaldson.

The island’s choice for lieutenant governor was Joseph Warner. Stickers gave James Jackson a good margin over Burrell. In two towns Mr. Kerr had a total of thirty one ticker votes.

Frederic W. Cook was the favorite for Secretary and Alonzo B. Cook for auditor.

Capt. George Donaldson and Frederick W. Smith, whose candidacy for re-nomination as county commissioners was unopposed, received a large complimentary vote.

The Democratic vote was slim as usual. As many as seven avowed allegiance to that party in Vineyard Haven; five in Edgartown, and one in West Tisbury, John J. Walsh led Richard H. Long for the nomination for governor. There were not other contests.

A large proportion of the women registered in the different towns went to the polls and voted. In West Tisbury the voters numbered 36 men and 24 women. Fully half the women registered in Vineyard Haven were checked at the polls. The vote of the women was fairly heavy everywhere.

Republican town committees were voted for. In Tisbury the vote was: William J. Look, 186; C. M. Vincent, 174; E. S. Thompson, 170.

Edgartown gave one vote to W. S. Nevin. There were no names printed on the ballot. In Oak Bluffs F. W. Smith had 7, Judge Eldridge 7, H. Totten, 5, and D. J. McBride and H. Look 4 each.

Delegates to the state convention were chosen as follows, William J. Look, Vineyard Haven; E. D. Vanderhoop, Gay Head; D. Messenger and E. G. Eldridge, Oak Bluffs.

The usual scattering ballots showed up when the count was made. In Edgartown Arthur W. Davis had one vote for attorney general on the Democratic ticket. Benjamin W. Pease had one for state senator. In Vineyard Haven Walter H. Renear had three votes for the Democratic nomination as sheriff and Harry Horton had one, Mr. Horton also polled one for county commissioner.