Vineyard Gazette
Mrs. Guy W. Stantial and Mrs.
Woman Suffrage Movement
League of Women Voters


Mrs. Guy W. Stantial and Mrs. Malcolm McBride, two Vineyard summer residents of long standing, are to be presented on a radio broadcast commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the ratification of the nineteenth amendment to the Constitution, over WEEI on Thursday, Aug. 25. The broadcast will be entitled, The Women Who Won, and Mrs. Stantial and Mrs. McBride are two of those who helped achieve woman’s suffrage through this amendment.

Another of the women who won is Mrs. Rosa Roewer of Pigeon Cove, Rockport, who has been a visitor on the Vineyard recently.


Mrs. Henry H. Jernegan was the first woman in Edgartown ever to cast a vote for the President of the United State. Mrs. Jernegan’s ballot dropped into the box when the polls opened Tuesday morning.

The vote of Martha’s Vineyard went for Joseph Walsh for congressman, Walter H. Renear for sheriff, and John W. Churchill for state senator in the three most keenly contested primaries Tuesday night. When the votes were counted, Mr. Renear was re-nominated by a large majority, Mr. Walsh had carried the island towns by 137, and Mr. Churchill was ahead in a close vote. Harold Winslow carried Gay Head and Chilmark in his contest with Mr. Walsh. Channing H. Cox became the Republican nominee with the island’s endorsement.

Mrs. Emma W. Terry, daughter of Ulysses E. Mayhew of West Tisbury, was the first woman to cast a vote at the primaries on Martha’s Vineyard.


Mrs. W. O. Pinkham is to speak next Sunday in Edgartown, before the Men’s Club at the Congregational church in the afternoon on Suffrage, and in the evening at the regular church meeting at which she will speak upon “The Relation of Religion to Suffrage.”


Mrs. Clairborn Catlin, of Baltimore, on horseback, in the khaki attire of the Western Plains, rode into town this forenoon. She is doing the State in the interest of the Mass. Political Equity Union, headquarters in Boston, with “Votes for Women” for the goal.