Turnout Light for Town, State Primary Election

Early morning voter turnout for the special state primary and town elections Tuesday was low, but, in at least one town, steady. Oak Bluffs town clerk Deborah Ratcliff said that, as of 10 a.m., she had seen more voters than expected at the public library.

“We’ve had somebody here every moment,” she said. Shortly after, the lone pair of voters in the ballot area left as two more walked into the polls. Still, Ms. Ratcliff said only about 40 voters had shown up to mark their ballots.

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Annual Town Elections See Low Voter Turnout, All Spending Approved

Oak Bluffs voted in favor of catch-and-release shark tournaments, West Tisbury approved a new police station and Edgartown approved two spending projects during Thursday’s town elections.

Voter turnout was sparse, between nine and 13 per cent, and few races were contested.

Oak Bluffs voters approved a nonbinding referendum that would make shark tournaments in town catch and release only by a margin of 225 to 186.

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Super Tuesday Brings Four Annual Town Meetings

High political season begins on the Island this week when voters gather in four Island towns for annual town meetings and elections.

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Edgartown Voters Will Weigh in on Marijuana Regulations

The Edgartown selectmen endorsed plans Monday to regulate medicinal marijuana, voting to place articles on the April special town meeting warrant that would regulate public consumption of the drug and establish a temporary moratorium on setting up dispensaries.

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Island Politics Cross Party Lines
What was once a conservative enclave has given way to a reliable liberal stronghold. And the place where Franklin D. Roosevelt reportedly earned the respect of Islanders (if not their votes) by caring more for his boat than he did for electioneering is now known as the summer vacation spot for presidents whose ice cream shop visits and golf games make headlines.

As around the country, the political landscape of Martha’s Vineyard is ever shifting.

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Tisbury Detours Proposed $3 Million Connector Road

Tisbury voters rejected the controversial $3 million connector road proposal at their annual town meeting this week, ultimately convinced by critics of the project that it was too expensive for the town.

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