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Elliot Reed Morss, 82

Elliott (Buzz) Reed Morss died of cancer on Sept. 16 at his home in Lenox with his wife Kathy by his side.

Joseph Lenin Liriano, 2

Joseph Lenin Liriano died on Thursday, Sept. 16 at Boston Children's Hospital. He was the two-year old infant son of Lenin Jose Liriano and Andrea...

Bruce Lewellyn, 82

Bruce Lewellyn of Vineyard Haven died at his home on Sept. 14.

Dorothy Howard service

A graveside service for Dorothy Ormsbee Tilton Howard will be held Saturday, Sept. 25, at 1 p.m. at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Oak Bluffs.

David B. Butchman, 75

David B. Butchman of Vineyard Haven died on Sept. 2 of cancer at the Martha's Vineyard Hospital.

Katrina Blackwood, 76

Katrina (Trina) Blackwood, a former teacher at the Tisbury School, died Sept. 18, surrounded by her daughters.

James Louis Adler Jr., 93

James Louis Adler Jr. died on Sept. 10 in Danbury, Conn, after his family had gathered around him.

Dolores (Dee) Tinney Valeriano, 92

Dolores Tinney Valeriano of Oak Bluffs died on Sept. 4 at her home.

Andrew (Andy) Marvel, 66

Andrew (Andy) Marvel Jr. died peacefully on Sunday, Sept. 5, at his home in Falmouth.