• Cool cow on Middle Road.
    Timothy Johnson
  • Middle Road scene.
    Timothy Johnson
  • Fishing the day away at Squibnocket.
    Timothy Johnson
  • Fall foliage along Middle Road.
    Timothy Johnson
  • Squibby.
    Timothy Johnson
  • End of the day in Menemsha.
    Michelle Duarte
  • Reflections in Menemsha.
    Larry Glick
  • Lucy Vincent beach day.
    Alison L. Mead
  • Stone wall tableau.
    Timothy Johnson
  • Plover wades at Menemsha.
    Timothy Johnson


Chilmark and West Tisbury are both targeting the Up-Island regional school district agreement as a means for soothing tensions over costs.
Dawn broke pink over Menemsha harbor as the water rippled softly. Aboard the fishing boat Mary Sea, Captain Jonathan Boyd drove fisherman Brian Curry and veteran Tommy Elliot out to Quick’s Hole in...
A pet goat named Raisin, who lived in Chilmark, died of pneumonia last Wednesday. He was a local and national celebrity, admired by his owner, Tom Ashe, the Island community, and a much wider...


Jesse Keller and Dennis Michael Jason of Chilmark were married on Saturday, Oct. 8, becoming forever forward #JasonPartyofTwo.
Lauren Petkus of West Tisbury and Marc V-Brosseau of Gatineau, Quebec, were married on Sept. 24 at Black Point beach in Chilmark.
Joshua Bernstein of Chilmark, a game design major, and Liam Craffey of West Tisbury, a management of creative media major, were named to the spring 2016 dean’s list at Champlain College.


Kristin H. Maloney died at her Chilmark home on Thursday, Oct. 20.
Virginia Ernestine Mayhew Peckham, a Chilmark native, died Sept. 16 in Westerly, R.I. This past June, she celebrated her 100th birthday.