Martha’s Vineyard will experience a partial solar eclipse Monday. The first order of business is safety.

My mother called me the other day nearly breathless. “I have an idea for another fair entry,” she said.

The day was hot. There hung the smell of peanuts, soda and cigars, except where the cattle stood.

As Island artists ferried their works into the new Art Barn at Featherstone, one paused to talk to about the arts on Martha’s Vineyard.

As we head toward the Agricultural Fair and the farming tradition it celebrates, it is exciting to see Dan Sternbach harvesting this year’s local...


Letters to the Editor

The 2017 annual report of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is entitled “Caring for Our Community,” which is a great title.

Suddenly dogs aren’t allowed, even on a leash, in a number of conservation areas on the Island.

While on my recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard I visited many friends, including an old friend in West Tisbury.