Eight years ago I wrote a series for the Vineyard Gazette on the growing impacts of climate change on Martha’s Vineyard.

Saving America’s Cities concludes by noting the lessons that Edward Logue had learned by the time he retired to the Vineyard.

When fall comes down off the shelf

From the Oct. 17, 1958 edition of the Gazette:

Seven states have done away with Columbus Day. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that liberal Massachusetts is not one of them.

I am rummaging around in my past in Tallahassee, Fla., here for a memorial service for Ned Stuckey-French, a former professor and friend who died too...


Letters to the Editor

Our new barn went up this week. It was mesmerizing to watch the eight workers of Riehl’s Construction of New Holland, Pa., perform.

People are going to kill because they like to and they can.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the second annual Darkness into Vineyard Light Suicide prevention and awareness walk on Sept. 28.