Logan and I were introduced through Big Brothers Big sisters. On a recent hike, Logan led the way.

What brought voters to the polls on Martha’s Vineyard in eye-popping numbers on election day?

Next week Oak Bluffs voters will be asked to approve an extra $1.3 million to do what residents have already said they want.

Indeed election night for ballot counters is an event.

Every morning for more than two years my malamute and I strolled the solar system.

So the lady says, “Yes I do have a place to rent, it’s a bit small, let me show you.” You follow her around the back of the house but only see a run...


Letters to the Editor

It’s going to hurt to authorize an additional $1.3 million for our new Oak Bluffs town hall. But in the long run, it would hurt a lot more to abandon...

I would like to urge my fellow Oak Bluffs voters and taxpayers to vote in favor of supporting our new town hall and our elementary school.

At the town meeting in Oak Bluffs on Nov. 13, voters will be asked to vote for repairs at the Oak Bluffs Schoo and additional funds to finally build...