The low, throaty rumble of motorcycles echoed up and down North Road last Sunday, a brilliant autumn day on the Vineyard.

A mild fall this year has left many things still blooming, chief among them the roses that grace the Island.

"Not for love or money,” our hero might declare in an old movie when declining an unsavory proposal. And indeed the three cliché motivations in life...

It will be good to be on Martha’s Vineyard for the holidays this year.

Stepping outside my door the other day I noticed a transport plane passing overhead just above the tree tops.

The following letter was sent from Julian Cyr to his constituents thanking them for his recent victory in the state senate race.


Letters to the Editor

The recent statements from the NRC about the dangers of the Plymouth nuclear power plant must not be taken lightly.

I hope Tisbury residents will ask the selectmen to protect the Bradford pear trees on Clough Lane.

Playing five years of Martha’s Vineyard football had to be one of the best parts of growing up on the Island.