How many for Labor Day? Mom would ask at supper the week before. We had to account for ourselves and guests so she could order food.

Cairns, those manmade piles of stones and rocks, have been around for 40,000 years and are our oldest form of communication.

I’m more than half Southern, but I grew up in Massachusetts. Until recently I thought of Confederate statues as a matter of heritage and history.

I hope elected officials on Martha’s Vineyard were watching as more than half a dozen states took steps to remove monuments to the Confederacy.

Susanna Styron emailed me that she would be showing her documentary Suspended Sentence in Chilmark.

One of the memorable places of summer is the water’s edge.


Letters to the Editor

Advances in medicine throughout the 20th century have led to dramatic increases in life expectancy.

The following letter was sent to Reps. Dylan Fernandes and Seth Moulton:

In 1854, the town of Tisbury built its first school on Centre Street in Vineyard Haven.