Before his words haunted me, his eyes did. Maybe it was because I couldn’t really see them. They were shaded in mystery behind tinted glasses.

Be Here Now was the little tome that I read in 1977 that completely changed my life. And the author became my teacher forever after.

Today I can’t write about having a second cup of coffee or how I interrupted my wife’s dreams to retrieve the covers.

There is a furious urgency about July which is lost sight of only because the month is warm and sometimes languorous.

Inspired by a recent show, graphic artist Paul Karasik explains how Ruth Kirchmeier creates a Japanese-style woodblock print.

Like the first ice cream cone of summer, June has been a month to savor this year.


Letters to the Editor

A direct correlation between killing off red foxes and sharp increases in Lyme disease has been found.

On Martha’s Vineyard, a group of Islanders and visitors will gather at 6 a.m. near the Gay Head light in Aquinnah.

The number of deaths, injuries (and recently dismemberment) because of mopeds on Martha’s Vineyard is no longer acceptable.