From the Sept. 18, 1925 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:
You’re from Nevada, Idaho, New York city or Stockbridge — it doesn’t matter where — and you’ve never seen the Atlantic surf, let alone gone casting...
From the September 8, 1939 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:
Oak Bluffs, from very early days, was a woodworking village.
Stories of pirates and their treasure are inevitably associated with the Vineyard.
If you believe in equal pay for equal work, you’re a feminist.
The moon was an apricot lantern and then a silver one.
The uniqueness of the letter, says the Tribune, puts it in a class of its own
Traveling down the spur lines of history can be pleasant and exciting for anybody with gumption.
It begins to appear as if Tashmoo water will be the ultimate means of making Martha’s Vineyard as well known as Saratoga Springs.
The strike lasted seventy-six days, not counting the April 1 to April 15 so-called wildcat strike of the officers of the Nantucket.
Leprosy was taking its last cruel hold.