Christmas lights looked twice as pretty reflected in the snow. Houses looked twice as snug.
“Sixteen men on the dead man’s highboy; yo yo ho ho and a bottle of Tashmoo water!”
From the December 12, 1941 edition of the Vineyard Gazette: The Vineyard has put on its finest Christmas dress, despite the outbreak of war.
The women of Chilmark defended their contention that they should be granted shellfish permits by selectmen.
Magnificent as a roasted turkey is, it would be nothing, possibly the entire day of Thanksgiving would be nothing, without the small, tart, shining...
‘Twas cold on Tuesday morning. The “bright, blue weather” mentioned by the poet arrived, somewhat late according to his calculations.
Lying at her anchor behind the breakwater at Vineyard Haven may occasionally be seen a trim-looking schooner.
As recently as a quarter of a century ago and long back in time before that, every Vineyarder knew Gifford’s Store.
The coast of New England has many legends concerning spectre ships firmly believed by the rugged fishermen.