Two unrelated events have sparked an uproar in the Island community in the past two weeks, fueled by the power of social media.
The Island has earned its rightful place as a thriving summer arts colony.
The landscape truck runs a four-way stop, nearly clipping an oncoming driver.
The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital does many things well. Sadly, community relations is not one of them.
Drivers navigating Island roads will once again be dealing with the hazards of rented mopeds this summer.
A changing of the guard is now taking place in fields and meadows as pink and white clover tall grasses yield to oxeye daisies.
The wild buttercups have been beautiful this year, great drifts of them strewn across meadows and lawns.
The Island has always prided itself on being a place apart from the mainland.
Moped rentals on Martha’s Vineyard are clearly headed in the direction of the heath hen.