We at the Field Fund are heartened to know we are not alone. Thank you to the four school committee members who voted no.
On the frigid night of Jan. 30, the Harbor View Hotel team was reminded of just how fortunate we are to be part of the Martha’s Vineyard community.
I have struggled with the issue of plastic fields vs grass fields.
Once again the Island Food Pantry sends a huge shout-out to everyone who gave donations so freely throughout the holidays and continuing into the New...
Affordable Housing on Martha’s Vineyard desperately needs our attention. 
I too support warrant articles that will apply the revenue from taxing short-term rentals to the problem of affordable year-round housing.
Petitions are circulating to put on town meeting warrants an article to direct tax revenue from short-term rentals toward affordable housing.
This August, at the height of our busiest season, Veterans Memorial Park is going to be sold to a group of off-Island promoters.
Discussion surrounding the MVRHS playing fields has been reduced to a numbers game.