Advances in medicine throughout the 20th century have led to dramatic increases in life expectancy.
The following letter was sent to Reps. Dylan Fernandes and Seth Moulton:
In 1854, the town of Tisbury built its first school on Centre Street in Vineyard Haven.
On August 27, there was a blueberry pancake breakfast to raise money for the Martha’s Vineyard Cancer Support Group.
Mother Nature again smiled for the Martha’s Vineyard Wind Festival.
The article about lack of access in our courthouse for people with disabilities is another example that management cares little for the public.
I understand from a recent report in the Boston Globe that Joe Woodin has been fired by the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.
There are 11 homes in Squibnocket Farm that suffer restricted access and the possibility of a washout after a large storm.
A world of thanks to so many people who made Songs for a Sister, a fundraiser on my behalf, an overwhelming success.