We would like to make some clarifications to statements made and answers to questions posed at the Tisbury annual town meeting.
To make an informed decision, Tisbury voters should consider the following facts to understand how big a school we actually need.
Tisbury voters approved the construction of a new school during our just completed annual town meeting. I abstained.
There is no doubt that the Tisbury School has serious infrastructure issues that need to be addressed.
I have lived in Tisbury for 31 years. Our three children went to the Tisbury School.
Building the Tisbury School is not a barn raising. Has the opposition built a public school for 300 students in the last 10 years?
We might be a small town on a small Island, but the children of Tisbury have big dreams.
Tisbury has never been a slouch in its commitment to its children and their education.
I request that senior citizens be exempt from any proposed tax increase for the Tisbury school.