The League of Women Voters would like to talk about resources available for the voter this year.
I have read and re-read Thomas Dresser’s excellent African Americans of Martha’s Vineyard.
I moved to Martha’s Vineyard 12 years ago and have found one area, women’s alternative care, lacking.
Re: the story in the Gazette last week about welcoming ceremonies for a visiting veteran.
We are residents of the houses abutting Washington Park, where the Martha’s Vineyard Craft Beer Festival was held.
I’m sure I am not the first to consider it a stroke of great fortune to be treated at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.
The new Lagoon Pond drawbridge not malfunctioning like the old but opening slower reminds me of a saying.
I want to thank everyone that helped the 39th Tivoli Day to be the most successful ever.
I want to thank everyone involved in making the Lia Kahler and Friends concert and silent auction held at the Chilmark Community Church on Sept. 11,...