I have watched with dismay uproar over the news that Cronig’s will be pulling out of Our Island Club’s.
From where I stand, Steve Bernier has made a poor business decision in withdrawing Cronig’s from Our Island Club.
In light of recent events, we think it is important that the public be informed.
The Vineyard Gazette Exhibit, Eyes of The Island, was featured at a well-attended opening reception.
We want to say thank you to Eversource for their prompt response to our power outage during the storm.
While I always knew the Island community was tight-knit and caring, a recent experience reaffirmed that truth.
Seawater can be used as an herbicide where regrowth is unwanted (power lines, driveways, etc.).
I stand in support of local retail food stores and stands.
Advances in medicine throughout the 20th century have led to dramatic increases in life expectancy.