Over the Fourth of July weekend, my daughter called me with a panic and urgency in the tone of her voice. She had been trying to help a very small baby bunny up the curb at Cannonball Park and get out of harms way of the busy traffic, but instead she watched the little bunny run and fall through the grate of the sewer. The bunny was alive with absolutely no hope of escaping that deep dark dungeon at the intersection of Cook and West Tisbury Roads.

My first instinct was the fire department, not knowing if it was actually true that they help cats out of trees and if so, surely they would help a bunny out of the sewer.

Well they did not disappoint me. Moments later, both the police and the fire departments were redirecting the traffic and helping us strategize a plan to save the scared little bunny whose day had taken an unexpected south turn.

It took a few attempts, however I am happy to report that the tiny bunny is now safe and has been returned safely to its habitat.

I would like to thank both the fire and police departments of Edgartown for helping save another life of an Edgartown resident!

Lucy Dahl, Edgartown