• Main street.
    Ray Ewing
  • South Beach waves.
    Ray Ewing
  • Harvesting at Morning Glory.
    Albert O. Fischer
  • Jumpers line the Big Bridge.
    Timothy Johnson
  • Tigress sets sail in Edgartown harbor.
    Mark Alan Lovewell
  • Working boat at the Edgartown reading room.
    Timothy Johnson
  • Chappy point.
    Jeanna Shepard
Edgartown will make a pitch to the Dukes County Commission Wednesday to take over the management of Norton Point Beach, which is currently overseen by The Trustees of Reservations.
A miniature townscape depicting a full collection of Dickensian Christmas village figurines is on display at The Carnegie Heritage Center.
This weekend, Island Community Chorus returns mask-free with the debut of its new director Bill Peek.
Simone Amorim Nunes and Marcos Rogério Alves, of Edgartown, announce the birth of a daughter, Maryanne Nunes Alves, born on Oct. 25.
Keite and Allan Vieira, of Edgartown, announce the birth of a son, Rhaui Lucca Saboia Vieira, born on Sept. 4.
Gizelia Coelho and Felipe Moreira, of Edgartown, announce the birth of a daughter, Kaya Coelho Pimenta Moreira, born on August 12 at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.
Robert Francis Gossett Jr., formerly of Edgartown, New York city and San Antonio, Tex., died peacefully in his sleep on Oct. 30.
Eberhard Suhr died on Nov. 19 at his home in Edgartown.