• Main street.
    Ray Ewing
  • South Beach waves.
    Ray Ewing
  • Harvesting at Morning Glory.
    Albert O. Fischer
  • Jumpers line the Big Bridge.
    Timothy Johnson
  • Tigress sets sail in Edgartown harbor.
    Mark Alan Lovewell
  • Working boat at the Edgartown reading room.
    Timothy Johnson
  • Chappy point.
    Jeanna Shepard
A five-year planning committee led by Marvene O’Rourke found that the century-old building has outgrown its use, citing accessibility concerns and maintenance costs.
A short deep freeze hit the Island Saturday, part of the arctic blast that caused freezing temperatures across the northeast.
It has been a bountiful season for the Vineyard’s bay scallop fishery, but scallopers struggled to capitalize due to an atrophied market.
Megan Dreyer Greenglass and Robert Milton Greenglass, of Edgartown, announce the birth of a daughter, Jacqueline Barbara Greenglass, born on Dec. 29, 2022.
Simone Amorim Nunes and Marcos Rogério Alves, of Edgartown, announce the birth of a daughter, Maryanne Nunes Alves, born on Oct. 25.
Keite and Allan Vieira, of Edgartown, announce the birth of a son, Rhaui Lucca Saboia Vieira, born on Sept. 4.
Nina Meyer, a longtime resident of Edgartown and Boston, died on Dec. 5, 2022 after a bout with dementia.
Services for Frank M. Markwica have been postponed.