• Main street.
    Ray Ewing
  • South Beach waves.
    Ray Ewing
  • Harvesting at Morning Glory.
    Albert O. Fischer
  • Jumpers line the Big Bridge.
    Timothy Johnson
  • Tigress sets sail in Edgartown harbor.
    Mark Alan Lovewell
  • Working boat at the Edgartown reading room.
    Timothy Johnson
  • Chappy point.
    Jeanna Shepard
This summer I’ve worked as a ranger for the Trustees of the Reservations at Norton Point Beach. It’s a bucket list job.
Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. opened this year’s Hutchins Forum by speaking about the past in order to draw parallels with the present state of division in American.
A team of munitions surveyors from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has confirmed the discovery of a World War II-vintage Helldiver buried off Chappaquiddick.
Shelly and Philip Reed of Edgartown announce the birth of a son, Lennox John Reed, born on July 25.
Jennifer Abreu and Jose Erivelton Abreu, of Edgartown, announce the birth of a son, Anezio Liam Abreu, born on July 1.
Andrea Medina and Lenin Jose Liriano, of Edgartown, announce the birth of a son, Joseph Lenin Liriano, born on June 24.
Grace Duart of Edgartown died on July 22 at the Martha's Vineyard Hospital. She was 101.
Robert (Bob) Lewis Meade of Edgartown died in Ft. Myers, Fla. on April 19 after a brief illness. He was 89.