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How to Recycle

Household waste must be separated into these classifications for disposal at the dumps: metal cans, plastics, glass and newspapers (tied). Food waste, such as coffee grounds and fruit cores, may be delivered to the dumps in plastic garbage bags. The Martha's Vineyard Refuse District holds special collections of hazardous household waste.

  • Aluminum Cans (Juice drinks, seltzer water, non-deposit drink containers) - Rinse and flatten. Aluminum won't stick to a magnet.
  • Cans (All other types of cans: tin, steel, bimetal, teflon lined. Pet food, tuna, canned vegetables, etc.) - Rinse clean, remove labels and tops and bottoms,flatten.
  • Corrugated Cardboard (Clean unwaxed boxes) - Flatten, tie in bundles or place in larger cardboard box.
  • Deposit Bottles and Cans (All types accepted. No deposit fees will be paid) - Rinse and remove caps. Deposit bottles and cans can be redeemed at liquor stores and markets.
  • Glass (White, green, amber bottles and jars. No ceramics, china, lightbulbs or window glass) - Remove metal caps and the lead foil from wine bottles.
  • HDPE #2 Plastic Containers (Clear and colored containers with the number 2 on the bottom. Milk, water, and juice jugs plus containers for detergents, shampoo, etc. No plastic dinnerware, wrap, or toys) - Rinse clean and flatten. Items with residue in bottoms are not accepted.
  • Magazines, Newspapers, Catalogs, and Telephone Books- Tie in bundles or place together in brown paper bags. Keep dry and clean.
  • Office Paper - Plain white paper and computer printout. Can be shredded. No paper clips, no envelopes, no post-its.

Recycling Tips

Recycle when it is convenient (doing dishes, taking out the garbage).
Separate and store recyclables in a clean dry area.
Set up a small recycling center in your home by arranging recycling containers (available at landfills) or label bags/boxes in a closet, under the sink, in the attic, basement, or garage.

Businesses that Offer Recycling

See Recycling Services in the Island Book Yellow Pages for businesses that will pick up your recyclables.

The Mailroom
At the Triangle, Edgartown
Tel: 508-627-7704
Accepts clean styrofoam pellets for packaging, during business hours only. Call first.

MV Community Services Thrift Shop
Lagoon Pond Road, Vineyard Haven
Tel: 508-693-2278
Also accepts Island-wide donations of reusable items.

State Road, Vineyard Haven
Takes back old batteries, alternators, generators, water pumps, starters, and brake shoes. New replacement product must be bought from NAPA.

Our Market Bottle and Can Return
Next to Our Market, on the Harbor, Oak Bluffs
Tel: 508-693-0130
Accepts only deposit beer and soda bottles and cans. Bottles and cans must be clean.

Vineyard Gazette
34 South Summer Street, Edgartown
Tel: 508-627-4311
In need of clean cotton rags. Also, we have free rolls of blank newspaper to give away. Good for messages, art projects, puppies, games, and picnic tables. Pick these up on Friday mornings.

Dot's Boutique
Located at the West Tisbury landfill.

Your Market Redemption Center
Behind Your Market, at the Triangle, Edgartown
Tel: 508-627-7274
Accepts only deposit beer and soda bottles and cans. Bottles and cans must be clean.

Hazardous Household Materials

Store household chemicals (pesticides, paints, solvents, aerosols, batteries, and used oil) and bring them to the Harmful Household Materials (H.H.M.) Collection Station at the Refuse District, 750 West Tisbury Road, Edgartown, on the collection dates listed below. Call the District at 508-627-4501 for more information.