There is so much uninterrupted time imposed by the stay-at-home order.
When the news began getting overwhelmed with stories of Covid-19, and the anxieties mounted, I lost my ability to read.
In frightening times, it is perhaps a universal feeling to prioritize the safety of our family over all else.
I’m sitting at my computer, planning to write what I’ve been doing during our enforced social distancing in this coronavirus pandemic.
As I say goodnight to my 12-year-
old daughter Pickle, I ask her if she would like to walk, bike or drive to school the next day.
In these disruptive coronavirus times, I have been searching for something cheerier. And, of course, I have found it.
Keep washing until hope shines through
The world’s greatest museums are a click away.
I can’t seem to shake this feeling — this sense that we’re living the first 10 minutes of a disaster movie.