Eight years ago I wrote a series for the Vineyard Gazette on the growing impacts of climate change on Martha’s Vineyard.
There is an apple tree in my West Tisbury back yard. It bears no apples because cedar trees line Tiasquam Road and bring with them cedar-apple rust.
A new book about Edward Logue, the legendary urban planner who later retired to the Vineyard.
When fall comes down off the shelf
In early August on a Saturday night this past hot summer, I wanted to go dancing at the Portuguese American Club.
I am rummaging around in my past in Tallahassee, Fla., here for a memorial service for Ned Stuckey-French, a former professor and friend who died too...
Twenty-six years ago, computer entrepreneur Mitch Kapor and I worked on a PBS pilot together.
Every morning now he comes and sits beside me.
I have never belonged on the Vineyard, yet it’s the place that’s home to my heart.